This article is an overall analysis of the Philadelphia Eagles' offense and their fantasy value. This is a team that is over-going a transformation and we won't know how it looks until it's game time. Chip Kelly is the new head coach for Philly, taking over after the long overdue departure of Andy Reid. To see what Chip Kelly's offense is going to deal with, let's see what stats Andy Reid's squad left him at the end of last season.

2012 Vital Stats:

  • Points scored: 17.5 points per game (Ranked 29th) 
  • Passing Yards: 236.9 yards per game (Ranked 13th)
  • Rushing Yards: 117.1 yards per game (Ranked 13th) 

2013 Schedule:

It's hard to know how the Eagles will play this season, not only because of the new coaching scheme, but because we don't even know who the starting quarterback will be half-way through this season. This is the Eagles' 2013 schedule and their 2012 opponents ranks vs position.

Week 1 - Sept. 9 at Washington Redskins

  • VS. QBs: 27th
  • VS. RBs: 8th
  • VS. WRs: 31st
  • VS. TEs: 31st

The 'Skins are fairly tough on the running game and I their pass defense got better since last season. If you have McCoy, he's an automatic starter all season long unless he proves otherwise.

Week 2 - Sept. 15 vs. San Diego Chargers

  • VS. QBs: 20th
  • VS. RBs: 15th
  • VS. WRs: 19th
  • VS. TEs: 2nd

If you have an Eagles Tight End, you may want to sit them out this week.

Week 3 - Sept. 19 vs. Kansas City Chiefs

  • VS. QBs: 20th
  • VS. RBs: 23rd
  • VS. WRs: 23rd
  • VS. TEs: 8th

Week 4 - Sept. 29 at Denver Broncos

  • VS. QBs: 9th
  • VS. RBs: 2nd
  • VS. WRs: 4th
  • VS. TEs: 32nd

The Broncos are a fantasy nightmare. Tight Ends do well against them because everyone else is covered, so start them this week.

Week 5 - Oct. 6 at New York Giants

  • VS. QBs: 25th
  • VS. RBs: 13th
  • VS. WRs: 29th
  • VS. TEs: 10th

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the New York Giants are streaky so disregard these numbers and pay attention to how they've been doing so far in the season.

Week 6 - Oct. 13 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • VS. QBs: 31st
  • VS. RBs: 10th
  • VS. WRs: 30th
  • VS. TEs: 30th

It's nice facing a team who gives a ton of fantasy points to Quarterbacks but do you know who the starting Eagles Quarterback will be at this point?

Week 7 - Oct. 20 vs. Dallas Cowboys

  • VS. QBs: 12th
  • VS. RBs: 28th
  • VS. WRs: 16th
  • VS. TEs: 22nd

If you have McCoy, watch him have a field day and enjoy your 30+points.

Week 8 - Oct. 27 vs. New York Giants

  • VS. QBs: 25th
  • VS. RBs: 13th
  • VS. WRs: 29th
  • VS. TEs: 10th

Week 9 - Nov. 3 at Oakland Raiders

  • VS. QBs: 23rd
  • VS. RBs: 26th
  • VS. WRs: 18th
  • VS. TEs: 27th

There's no position that the Raiders are really good against. I don't even think there's a sport that they're good in. I'm kidding, but start whichever Eagles players you have this week and hope that they're the one who is racking up all the points on the field.

Week 10 - Nov. 10 at Green Bay Packers

  • VS. QBs: 15th
  • VS. RBs: 16th
  • VS. WRs: 17th
  • VS. TEs: 3rd

Tough team against the Tight Ends.

Week 11 - Nov. 17 vs. Washington Redskins

  • VS. QBs: 27th
  • VS. RBs: 8th
  • VS. WRs: 31st
  • VS. TEs: 31st

Week 12 - Bye Week

Week 13 - Dec. 1 vs. Arizona Cardinals

  • VS. QBs: 4th
  • VS. RBs: 20th
  • VS. WRs: 11th
  • VS. TEs: 12th

They were the fourth best team against Quarterbacks last season but I wouldn't be worried about it at all.

Week 14 - Dec. 8 vs. Detroit Lions

  • VS. QBs: 18th
  • VS. RBs: 13th
  • VS. WRs: 24th
  • VS. TEs: 17th

Week 15 - Dec. 15 at Minnesota Vikings

  • VS. QBs: 30th
  • VS. RBs: 7th
  • VS. WRs: 20th
  • VS. TEs: 22nd

Week 16 - Dec. 22 vs. Chicago Bears

  • VS. QBs: 5th
  • VS. RBs: 5th
  • VS. WRs: 12th
  • VS. TEs: 14th

Chicago never makes it easy for fantasy owners debating to start or sit players.

Week 17 - Dec. 29 at Dallas Cowboys

  • VS. QBs: 12th
  • VS. RBs: 28th
  • VS. WRs: 16th
  • VS. TEs: 22nd

Breakdown By Position:

QBs: Michael Vick, Matt Barkley, Nick Foles

I don't believe Nick Foles will start a game for Philly is the other two choices are still healthy. Matt Barkely was a projected first-round pick and is highly regarded by Kelly, who traded up to acquire him in the 2013 NFL Draft. Michael Vick may be the front runner for now but he's injury-prone and turn over the ball a lot (10 interception and 7 fumbles). No matter who starts, there's a new offensive scheme, a better offensive line, and a brand new, huge Tight End to throw to. It really shouldn't be that hard to succeed on this offense for any of these guys.

No one knows who the consistent starting quarterback for the Eagles will be, but Vick and Barkley are two good choices to have on your fantasy football bench. I personally think Matt Barkley will be named as the starter when it's all said and done this season.

RBs: LeSean McCoy

McCoy is an absolute beast. If he's still, somehow, still available in the second round, pick him and cherish him.

WRs: DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Macllin, Jason Avant, Riley Cooper

A wide range of receivers is good if you're an Eagles fan, but not if you want to draft players from this team. It works well with pass-heavy teams like the Patriots, Packers, Broncos, and Colts, but not with Kelly's Eagles.

Pick up Jackson or Maclin as your second receiver or flex player in the middle rounds. I don't think you're going to get anything out of the blue with these guys. Avant and Cooper can make good bench players in bigger leagues or good options once we figure out who Kelly likes in his high-octane offense this season.

TEs: Brent Celek, Zach Ertz

I've always been a fan of Celek's; In 2012, he had 57 receptions and 684 receiving yards with 1 TD. If you're in a PPR league this guy makes a great second Tight End or backup. However, I think Zach Ertz will be getting a fair share of targets and will be the number one Tight End for the Eagles.

Breakout Player: Zach Ertz

I was going to go with Barkley but Zach Ertz will be a fantasy sleeper and his owners will be extremely happy. He's a Tight End and ten of those don't get picked until very late in the draft. He's also a rookie in a new style of offense so people may be weary of that too. All things being considered you can probably sit back until the late rounds and get a Tight End you start all season long.

Bust: DeSean Jackson

There's many targets on this offense and with the addition of Zach Ertz and Kelly's new style of offense, I think Jackson will get overshadowed and won't be a fantasy football contributor.

MVP: LeSean McCoy

Chip Kelly will love using McCoy and making defenses sweat as they try to chance him up and down the field. Also, the offensive line got upgraded so don't be surprised if McCoy can break out for more yardage per attempt this season.