Peyton Manning 7 TDs

There were so many ridiculous performances this week. Obviously Peyton Mannings NFL record-tying seven touchdowns, but we had a handful of preseason sleepers actually come through with monster performances.

Quarterback Champs:

Peyton Manning- 27/42, 462 yards, 7 TDs, 0 INT- 46.2 fantasy points

UNREAL. Just read the stats. He’s in his 15th year in the league. The guy is 37 and he’s still doing stuff like this. Many mouths to feed, but so far he’s feedin’ em. 

Colin Kaepernick- 27/39, 412 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INT-30.6 fantasy points

Whelp, he shut up all the haters today. Yeah, that says 400 yards; it’s not a typo. Dude proved he can chuck the rock, AND he seems to have found his new favorite target in Boldin. Crabtree who? 

Eli Manning-27/42, 450 yards, 4 TDs, 3 INT- 28.8 fantasy points

An impressive performance in a loss. Can’t win too many games with 6 turnovers though. Just saying. Both Mannings  went 27/39… weird.

Quarterback Chumps:

Blaine Gabbert- 16/35, 121 yards, 0TD, 2 INT- 2.4 fantasy points

Surprise, surprise. Gabbert is a chump. I mean, if you started him, that was very “chumpy” of you. It baffles me Henne doesn’t start, Gabbert is atrocious.  

Cam Newton-16/23, 125 yards, 1TD, 0 INT, 38 rush yards- 12.8 fantasy points

See, this is what bothers me about Killa Cam. No doubt the guy is an awesome talent, but I just can’t deal with how low his “lows” are. Consistency wins fantasy championships and this guy is a headache. 

Running Back Champs:

Adrian Peterson- 18 rush, 93 yards. 4 rec, 18 yards, 3 total TDs-29.1 fantasy points.

First touch. 78-yard TD. Pshhhh. AP. ALL DAY.                

Reggie Bush- 21 rush, 90 yards. 4 red, 101 yards, rec TD- 25.1 fantasy points

That was pretty, Reggie (name that movie)! What a debut, for number 21. Honestly, he should have had 3 touchdowns. He took it down to the half-yard line on two separate occasions. LOVE him moving forward. Scoop up Joique Bell on waivers if he’s there as well.

Shane Vereen- 14 rush, 101 yards. 7 rec, 58 yards- 15.9 fantasy points

The beneficiary of an early Ridley fumble, Vereen ran violently all game averaging over seven yards per carry. Belichick’s new toy? TRACK THIS SITUATION CLOSELY.


Running Back Chumps: 

David Wilson- 7 rush, 19 yards, 2 fumbles- NEGATIVE 2.1 fantasy points

Poor guy. 2 fumbles. May have lost his opportunity to “be the guy,” because Da’rel Scott saw all the second half action after the second fumble. Scoop up Scott, on waivers, and expect the Giants to bring in a veteran running back.

Lamar Miller- 10 rush, 3 yards. 1rec, 7 yards- 1 fantasy point

This is just pretty awful. And DO note that Daniel Thomas got the goal line look. Hopefully he bounces back next week against the Colts who gave up 171 rushing yards to the RAIDERS.

Stevan Ridley- 9 rush, 46 yards, fumble- 2.6 fantasy points

Simple. If you fumble, Belichick will bench you. Here is proof. Don’t panic yet.

C.J. Spiller- 17 rush, 41 yards. 5 rec 14 yards, fumble- 3.5 fantasy points

He couldn’t get it going against the Patriots. Still looks like a (little) bit of a timeshare in the backfield, especially since Fred Jackson was the more efficient runner this week.

Wide Receiver Champs: 

Victor Cruz- 5 rec, 118 yards, 3TDs-29.8 fantasy points

We got a triple dose of salsa Sunday night. We need more Tostitos! And Maracas!

A.J. Green- 9 rec, 162 yards, 2TDs-28.2 fantasy points

Just another beastly performance from Mr. Green. If he stays healthy, he’s a top 5 lock this year.

Demaryius Thomas- 5 rec, 161 yards, 2 TDs- 28.1 fantasy points

Deceptive numbers because he was pretty invisible in the first half. But an “oh, by the way” 78-yard late TD gave Peyton TD number seven and further padded his stats.

Anquan Boldin- 13 rec, 208 yards, TD- 26.8 fantasy points

This was impressive. 13 catches on a whopping 17 targets.  Kaepernick’s new bromance. If you drafted him as a WR3, you are salivating.


Wide Receiver Chumps: 

Mike Wallace- 1rec, 15 yards- 1.5 fantasy points

This is what Joe Haden does. He locks people down. On the other hand, Brian Hartline had 9 catches for 114 yards and a TD.  Be patient here.

Roddy White- 2 rec, 19 yards- 1.9 fantasy points

He clearly wasn’t at 100 percent… 

Dez Bryant- 4 rec, 22 yards- 2.2 fantasy points

Double-teamed all game. Don’t look into this too much. Romo just took what the defense gave him.

Calvin Johnson- 4 rec, 37 yards- 3.7 fantasy points

OK, he DID have a TD called back ironically due to the “Calvin Johnson rule,” but anything less than 5 fantasy points from a guy named after a transformer is chumpy. 

Tight End Champs: 

Jared Cook- 7 rec, 141 yards, 2 TDs, fumble- 24.1 fantasy points


Julius Thomas- 5 rec, 110 yards, 2 TDs-23 fantasy points

What a performance from the former Portland State basketball star. But then again, Peyton made EVERYONE look good on Thursday night. Look to scoop up “Orange Julius” on waivers (yes, I have just nicknamed him “Orange Julius.” Tell everyone).

Jordan Cameron- 9 rec, 108 yards, TD- 16.8 fantasy points

Heavily targeted. Highly talented. Pick ‘em up! (Jim Carrey, Dumb and Dumber voice).

Tight End Chumps:

Zach Sudfeld- ZERO catches. ZERO yards. ONE target.

THIS guy… Hey Mr. Sudfeld, I think you just got yourself a ticket to “Drop City,” bro. Over it. 

Kyle Rudolph- 2 rec, 27 yards- 2.7 fantasy points

Nothing against “Rudolph the red zone reindeer.” He’s an absolute freak athelete, but he’s a  fantasy MIRAGE.  He only had 493 yards last year, along with an inflated 9 TDs. Can he really repeat that? Doubt it. Temper expectations and if you own him, stock up on Advil Liqui-gels. Headache City.


Terelle Pryor- 19/29, 217 yards TD, 2 INT, 112 rush yards- 19.8 fantasy points

112 rushing yards. There is sleeper value here. 

Julian Edelman-7 rec, 79 yards, 2 TDS- 19.9 fantasy points

Flukey? Consider stashing him.

Joique Bell- 6 rush, 25 yards, 2 TDs, 5 rec, 67 yards- 21.2 fantasy points

Former Harlon Hill Trophy winner (best Div 2 player). Love his upside and the Lions clearly do too (see Mikel Leshoure healthy scratch).

Brian Hartline- 9 rec, 114 yards, TD- 17.4 fantasy points

Don’t sleep on him, especially in PPR formats.


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