I think the 49ers are going to take a small step back in regular season wins. The 49ers caught many teams off guard last year and that won’t be the case this year after a 13 win season. The 49ers play their fair share of tough games so here’s break down.

Week 1 Packers: The 49ers could very well get off to a rough start playing on the road vs. the 15 win Packers. The Packers have the NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers leading what could be the leagues best offense this year. The Packers spent the draft building on the defense after being the worst in the NFL last year. With the league’s best QB coming to town, the NFC’s best defense will have their work cut out for them. This game could have huge effects in the playoff picture.

Week 2 Lions: The 49ers defense is going to have a tough two-week facing two of the NFL’s top passing offensive teams. The Lions will be bringing the leagues best WR to the game and it will be interesting to see how the 49ers counter. Keep your eyes on the post game handshake before changing the channel.

Week 3 Vikings: Finally a break for the defending NFC West champions. The 49ers should mop the floor with the Vikings. Peterson should be back in time but coming off an ACL injury and vs. one of the hardest hitting defenses, this won’t be his big week. The 49ers have too much talent to lose this one and if they do it could cost them in the long run.

Week 4 Jets: If the Randy Moss experiment works out the first three weeks it won’t work out this week. The Jets have the best CB duo in the league and the 49ers receivers won’t be their strength this week. The 49ers are going to have to hope the Jets run defense remains as poor as it was last year. I think this could be the surprise game off 2012 with the Jets shocking the 49ers dropping them to 2-2.  This game seems to have all of the components of an upset. This will be a great game to watch with both teams making it to recent championship games but falling short.

Week 5 Bills: The Bills strength remains in running the ball and that will be their down fall this week. The 49ers defense will bottle up the run and lockdown Stevie Johnson forcing a defensive battle. The 49ers are better equipped to win this battle at every position.

Week 6 Giants: A rematch of the NFC Championship game! This one should be great and hard-hitting. The Giants clearly have the advantage at every position on offense except RB. The 49ers have the edge at every defensive position except defensive end. This game could go either way and it’s too early to give a sound prediction; however the Giants are the defending champs for a reason.

Week 7 Seahawks: Not the easy match up most fans may think. The Seahawks are coming into this game with a solid defense and run game sound familiar 49er fans? It should, that equation rode you to the NFC title game so don’t under estimate this team. This game will come down to what QB can stay in the pocket and make the plays.  I give the 49ers the edge with more talent at QB and WR.

Week 8 Cardinals: It’s settled; the Cardinals should have the best two starting receivers in the NFC West sorry 49ers fans. I think the 49ers defense will help them overcome this disadvantage though.  The 49ers have the edge at RB, TE, QB, and defense and the overall better team. The Cardinals need some more time to build before upsetting the 49ers.


Week 10 Rams: The Rams simply don’t have enough talent to beat the 49ers this year. The Rams are in a rebuilding process and the 49ers must win this one before taking on the Bears and Saints.

Week 11 Bears: The Bears could be this year’s version of the 49ers last year, by that I mean the shocker team. The Bears made huge additions this year and will not be an easy win for any team. The Bears added two big WR’s to play outside that should create some nightmare match ups for the 49ers. This game could go either way and the NFL made the right move making this a Monday night game.

Week 12 Saints: It’s early yes, but I’m calling the revenge factor this week; Saints win. The Saints averaged 45 points per game at home last year and that’s the biggest factor in this game. The 49ers forced four turnovers and still needed a last minute drive to win this game at home. I just see the Saints offense being too much for the 49ers in the Dome.

Week 13 Rams: The 49ers clean up after playing back-to-back tough games. The last two games will show this week. After playing the Saints and the Bears this could mean the 49ers come out either beaten and bruised or ready for a must win game. It’s impossible to tell how the 49ers will react from two games that haven’t been played yet. They are well coached and I think they will be ready for an easy win over the Rams.

Week 14 Dolphins: The Dolphins simply don’t have the talent to beat the 49ers. They could even be one of the worst teams next year.

Week 15 Patriots: This will be must see TV; the would-have could-have been Super Bowl. It’s a classic offense vs. defense battle here and I will be tuned in for this one. I’m going to give the edge to the Patriots simply being that they have so many proven weapons on offense. I wouldn’t put it past the 49ers to stop them though and it can be done, the Giants and Ravens shut Tom Brady down last year.

Week 16 Seahawks: The Seahawks have home field advantage and this is a must win game for the 49ers given the other tough games they have had. This game could have huge playoff implications.
Week 17 Cardinals: At least the 49ers get to close out the regular season at home.  They should have one home playoff game left after this but I don’t see them being a top seed. The 49ers need to close out the season with a win to assure better seeding if they make a deep playoff run.

I think the 49ers are going to be an 11 win team in 2012. They have a tough schedule but they have a great team and any game could go either way. The 49ers made big moves in the offseason adding three WR’s who could start. They added future hall of fame WR Randy Moss and Super Bowl hero Mario Manningham as veterans in free agency. The 49ers didn’t stop there when the draft came they grabbed WR A.J Jenkins in the first round.  

Please leave a comment and tell me which games you think the 49ers will win or lose Patriots? Giants? Saints? Packers? Bears?