In this episode of “Football Nation Today,” Alex looks at the landscape across the NFL as training camps open up this week:
1st Down: Interview with “Football Nation” contributor Jeff Sperber.  Alex and Jeff spar about Jeff’s latest NFL preview “Super Chart,” in which he predicts an Eagles and Steelers football (and an early postseason exit for the Patriots).  The rise of the Texans, fall of the Saints, and potential mediocrity of the defending Super Bowl Champion Giants is discussed as well. 
2nd Down: The NCAA handed down severe sanctions on Penn St. this week, including a 60 million dollar fine, the reduction of 40 total scholarships over the next four years, and deduction of Joe Paterno’s wins from 1998-2011.  Alex discusses his thrill at the severe hit Paterno’s legacy has taken over the past week, but his disappointment that the death penalty wasn’t implemented.  Though these sanctions are crippling to the football program, they don’t do much to chance the culture surrounding the football team, which the implementation of the death penalty would have done. 
3rd Down: In the “Big Up or Slow Down” segment, Alex talks about Mike Tomlin’s extension with the Steelers, and whether NFL Training Camp is more entertaining than MLB Spring Training.
4th Down: In the “Reimer Rant,” Alex reviews an offseason that featured 31 NFL players getting arrested, and whether the NFL can ever fix this continual problem of theirs. 
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