Throughout the NFL, the injury bug is biting down...Hard.

Just days into camp, receiver Ron Johnson endured a dislocated ankle and Riley Cooper suffered a broken left collarbone. Philadelphia Eagles' head coach, Andy Reid, has yet to confirm the addition of any replacement free-agent receivers.  If the Eagles are serious about winning, then they should bring in their old friend Terrell Owens.

Unfortunately, Owens' life is a bad reality show lately. Reid encountered his fair share of problems with Owens over the years, but he is known to give players second chances.

Owens hauled in 14 touchdowns in a single season back when he played for the Eagles and current receiver DeSean Jackson caught only four touchdown passes last season.  Jackson is set for a bounce-back year in 2012, but the addition of Owens could add a beneficial explosive quality to the Eagles, despite Owens'  repeatedly destructive history.

Vocally outspoken in the past, Owens could be a changed man the second time around with the Eagles.  Michael Vick is as talented an individual as Owens ever was and is capable of dealing with petty trash talk.  After all, Vick served time behind bars. And he wouldn't be bothered by anything potentially destructive that Owens might think to say. 

Vick's talent level alone will be enough to disarm Owens usual pattern of behavior.  Vick threw for 3,303 yards in 2011 through only 13 games. Out of Owens' 15 seasons in the league, he posted 1,000-yd seasons nine times. Nine times? Nine times. 

Nowadays, Owens is a dead-beat prima donna and far from a righteous dude. But he is an aging prima donna desperate for a team to give him a shot.  The talent is there, the price is right, and he can be sent packing if he runs his mouth.

Physically, Owens is still in football shape but his relationship with Reid and the Eagles organization remains strained.  With a little humility, all of Owens' burnt bridges can be rebuilt. If Owens is serious about getting back in the league, he needs to be in front of Reid's house with Peter Gabriel blasting on a boombox. Sadly, Owens is no Dobler.

The Eagles already lost two receivers and need Owens back.

Reid is known for giving second chances, but the gunshot wound in Owens' foot might keep him out of the league forever.