As the NFL Draft approaches, the speculation for each team increases and Midwest Kansas City is no different.

Last season, one area in which Kansas City had some veteran experience was the offensive line. The Chiefs signed both center Casey Wiegmann and guard Ryan Lilja before the 2010 season to bulk up the men in front of quarterback Matt Cassel.

It seems, however, Kansas City could be making the youthful switch to its interior line this offseason.
ESPN’s AFC West Blogger Bill Williamson believes the Chiefs could pick Stanford guard David DeCastro. Williamson is also of the opinion that DeCastro could start immediately replacing Lilja.

Lilja, however, does have one year remaining on his contract and is due 2.1 million dollars this season. At only 30 years old, maybe pushing him out of the starting lineup would be premature.

Weigmann, on the other hand, is 38, and Kansas City expects him to announce his retirement this summer. The team seems comfortable going forward with second-year player Rodney Hudson at center, according to ESPN.

Whether Weigmann retires or is replaced by Hudson, Weigmann’s streak of 127 straight starts at center is at stake. He has the longest active streak among centers.

With these two switches potentially looming, all of the sudden Kansas City could go from a veteran offensive line to a very, very young one at least in the interior. It will be fascinating to monitor this situation going forward as Kansas City attempts to keep up with the ever improving Denver Broncos.