Pierrre ThomasOFFENSE

Quarterback: (1) Drew Brees, (2) Chase Daniel, (3) Sean Canfield

Drew Brees, the record-breaking, highest-paid player in the league, is poised to be luminous again this year.

Chase Daniel, constantly at the side and under the wing of Brees, has significantly improved since this time last year, as evidenced by his preseason performance.

This year fans can breathe a sigh of relief that they have someone who can capably run the field if they needed him to.

Also, should the Saints have a far enough lead to rest Brees, Daniel could come in for some more valuable playing time.

Running Back: (1) Pierre Thomas, (2) Darren Sproles, (3) Mark Ingram, (4) Chris Ivory / Travaris Cadet

This position has easily been the most hotly debated of the preseason - though it’s more referred to as “a good problem to have.” While the first three running back slots have been set in stone - and rightfully so - the last coveted spot on the roster has been shuffling between the veteran, high-speed freight train Chris Ivory and the head-turning, yard-burning rookie Travaris Cadet.

There’s no question that Cadet has proven his worth throughout the preseason. He’s racked up yards, blasted through opposing defenses, and played with the special kind of determination and passion you only find in ambitious, roster-hungry rookies.

But with that drive can come too much excitement and trying too hard to go the extra mile, with less consideration for ball placement, ball safety, or when to or not to run from seven yards deep in the end zone.

Unfortunately, you just can’t have five running backs in the wings, so if either gets the cut, Detroit may be drooling over the opportunity to scoop one of them up.

Left Guard: (1) Ben Grubbs, (2) Eric Olsen

Not much has changed for New Orleans’ offensive line this season. Of note is the addition of Ben Grubbs from the Baltimore Ravens, the free agent replacing Carl Nicks, who was picked up this offseason by Tampa Bay. With Grubbs already an established and respected left guard, there should be no drop off at this position.



Nose Tackle: (1) Brodrick Bunkley (2), Akiem Hicks, (3) Tyrunn Walker

While Bunkley, who New Orleans picked up in free agency this year, takes the leading spot, third-round draft pick Akiem Hicks has been an impressive addition in his own right during this year’s preseason. These new players should make New Orleans’ defensive front much stronger this year, backing up the team’s dynamic offense.