Davone BessNow that preseason action is in full swing and we have received word that rookie Ryan Tannehill is now the starting quarterback of Miami, the questions are surrounding newly crowned head coach Joe Philbin.

Some questions are pretty obvious, "Why Tannehill?" "What receivers will he be working with the most?"

Well, that's what I'm going to explain. The Dolphins went from having very possibly one of the best receivers in the NFL to having one of the weakest receiving corps in the NFL.

Davone Bess is a No. 2 caliber receiver at best and they went out and signed and re-signed two slot receivers in Legedu Naanee and Brian Hartline. Lets face it Dolphins fans --  Reggie Bush is the best receiver on your team and he's your running back.

You will definitely need improvement on that before your considered a threat against these AFC East squads.

My offensive depth chart as of August 23, 2012 is Tannehill at quarterback, Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas to split carries with a little bit of Lamar Miller in on some plays.

As for the receiver position, Davone Bess will be No. 1, then Naanee, Hartline and rookie out of Michigan State B.J. Cunningham as the top four receivers on the Dolphins' team.

Now let us not forget tight end. Anthony Fasano obviously will enter the season opener as the No. 1 tight end on this team but who will be No. 2?

Well that my friend is a man on Hard Knocks they like to call 7/11 because he's open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, Chris Hogan. Yes, he is a wide receiver but he has the body of a tight end and wouldn't be surprised if he was a backup tight end to start the season.

Stay tuned because there are more updates to come in the future, I guarantee it. Until then, Enjoy your preseason, football fans.