Randall CobbWhether it is for purposes of fantasy football or simply because you want to know who might be catching an Aaron Rodgers 60-yard touchdown pass, understanding and keeping up with the depth chart is very important.

As a fantasy football fan, I like to know what receivers, tight ends, and running backs are going to see the most time on the field.

The depth chart can help you decided between drafting the No. 2 option for a guy like Rodgers or Brady versus the top option for a guy like Joe Flacco or Alex Smith.

Changes to a depth chart can not only affect your fantasy roster, but can cause quite a change to the types of plays you might be watching on Sunday afternoon.

The Packers have seen a number of changes since last season both to their offense and defense. Their offensive line, which had been anchored by Scott Wells at center for nearly a decade, required a big move when Wells signed with the Rams. Ted Thompson brought in another veteran in Jeff Saturday. Anyone who has lined up in front of Peyton Manning for most of his career should be a great addition to the front five for the Packers.

The biggest change on defense is Charles Woodson moving from playing corner to safety. The Packers never recovered from losing Nick Collins as one of their best safeties. They will try to remedy that loss by moving Woodson to safety and allowing Jarrett Bush to start at cornerback along with Pro-Bowler, Tramon Williams. Woodson will work at strong safety while Morgan Burnett starts at free safety.

Two potential changes to the offensive depth chart might be the most exciting of the preseason. The first is the signing of Cedric Benson.

Benson is 29 years old and there is certainly a question of what he has left in his tank. While the Packers' official website has him listed below everyone else on the roster, the truth of the matter is that he could easily be the Week 1 starter.

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, James Starks and his turf toe issues might not even make it through the first round of roster cuts. Clearly Benson would then be the only back with any legitimate NFL experience and he could be the expected starter all season.

The other change I expect to see is Randall Cobb taking over the third wide receiver spot. His speed and ability to leave defenses with broken ankles makes him a perfect target for Aaron Rodgers.

Even if he is used solely to spread the field with his ability to get down field blazing-fast, he should see more plays than the aging Donald Driver or the drop-happy Jams Jones. His effect on special teams may limit his role slightly, but the fastest man on the team needs to be on the field as often as possible.

Keep your eyes open in the next couple of weeks as the roster is finalized and don’t be surprised to see Benson and Cobb as new features of one of the best offenses the game has ever seen.