Look out AFC East, the Buffalo Bills are coming for the division crown and more. The 2012 offseason has been a snowballing thrill ride for the Bills.

It all started in March when Buffalo made the bold and costly move to snatch free-wheelin' free agent Mario Williams.

This finally got the Bills in the spotlight of contention. Joining the likes of other defensive line powerhouses, like Kyle Williams and Marcel Dareus, this created expectations of a potentially dangerous defense.

After that, Buffalo signed another defensive end, Mark Anderson, who certainly isn't a slouch either.

To top it off, they got one of the hottest cornerbacks in the first round of the draft, Stephon Gilmore. As this is all ancient history now, the time to shine is narrowly approaching.

As for the offense, primarily the "Amish Rifle" Ryan Fitzpatrick, they just need to keep on the same hot streak they did the first half of the 2011 season. Except better. Fitzpatrick has played fair so far, but we can't judge too harshly this soon.

With a solid running game with Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller, the passing game could take it up a notch or two. Fitzpatrick led the league in interceptions last year, and we will see if he can't shake that routine. If he can't, newly acquired Tarvaris Jackson will get his shot. 

Although the team is now 0-3 in the preseason, they are showing signs of hope for the real games.

Rookies like wide receiver T.J. Graham and offensive tackle Cordy Glenn have shown promise for Buffalo's future. Also, defensive back Ron Brooks had some flashes of skill in their last game against Pittsburgh with some hard tackles and tight coverage.

Buffalo takes on Detroit this week for the final preseason game, so we will get our final glimpse of hidden talent thus far.

In a nut shell, the Buffalo Bills as a whole are gearing up to have one of their best seasons since the Jim Kelly and Co. days. With the exciting offseason additions, it can only pump this squad up to make a name for themselves. The only thing that could stop them (besides those meddling Patriots) would be injuries. But hey, that is the name of the game.