The college football world has been turned upside down with off the field problems by star players. Respect for the privileged to play football has faded for these modern-day athletes. The following players who I call "The Nasty Nine" didn't think of their fans, teammates, or young kids who look up to them.

Tyrann Mathieu He let LSU down when they needed him more than ever. Mathieu failed a drug test and was kicked off the team for the season. LSU is starting a new quarterback, which puts pressure on special teams and defense. Mathieu is working with former NBA player, John Lucas, to help with his addictions.

Greg Reid FSU will have a dent in their special teams and secondary this year because of the absence of Reid. This year FSU has a true chance at winning a title; Reid wasn't planning his year in the same way. This one is easy to figure out- Reid was charged with a little bit of marijuana, under the influence behind the wheel, and an empty bottle of Jack Daniels in the front seat of his car. This must be what they were rapping about in the song "Ridin' Dirty."'

Michael Dyer Dyer violates team rules at Auburn, then gets in more trouble after transferring to Arkansas State. This was the MVP of the 2010 National Championship game who helped Auburn win a title. Auburn is young this year, and they need Dyer more than ever. This is a classic case of turning your back on the team.

Isaiah Crowell Crowell was arrested and faced two felony weapon charges, plus a misdemeanor for the serial number being defaced on a gun. Georgia sure had high hopes for this kid. Georgia is the only team that will not have a problem with their star being removed... enter Keith Marshall. This guy is disciplined and has a high GPA. Did I mention Marshall is a track star, too?

Da' Rick Rogers Let's see! Violation of team rules was the reason Rogers was indefinitely suspended from the Volunteers. This phrase has been loosely used in recent reports. One issue is for certain, wide receiver Justin Hunter was let down by his wideout partner. If Rogers would have done the right things, then the Vols would have had the best wideout duo in the country.

Casey Pachell TCU's quarterback fails a drug test, plus several other players have been reported to be involved in drug use. TCU has worked very hard in recent years to become prominent in college football, while these players are disrespecting the program's hard work.

Trent Mackey Mackey plays linebacker for Tulane University where he has been charged with being involved with an armed robbery. Like most players, Mackey denies the charges. Tulane needs all the help they can get. Mackey needs to step up for the team's sake.

Stacy McGee Coach Bob Stoops found out how those other schools feel in 2012. McGee was going to start his Senior season as defensive tackle for the Sooners.  McGee violated campus rules in the preseason of 2012 and was cited for marijuana back in 2011. McGee is suspended indefinitely for the 2012 season. Now, the team has to rotate defensive lineman because of the suspension. Thanks for looking out for the team, Stacy.

Ray Ray Armstrong I understand that this situation was not a criminal one, but talking to a booster after what has transpired in the past. How irresponsible could you be when your supposed to be playing your Senior season at safety. Miami needs to bring back those winning ways, but players like Ray Ray will do what is good for themselves.

Finally, I not saying that all of these charges against the following players are true because I'm not a judge. I'm saying that they owe it to their teammates to stay away from trouble that will bring them down. Kids will look up to them if they can turn these situations around and make the most of their opportunities in the future. 


Sweetheart's Stuff,

Can anyone work the word ALLEGEDLY into their vocabulary?

I want to ride dirty with Greg Reid! Are charges for 'a little bit of marijuana' different from 'an itsy bit of marijuana'? What happened to giving people the benefit of a doubt? What if he was taking the empty Jack bottle to get recycled?

I believe Michael Dyer is rebelling because he didn't get to play in the Chik-fil-a bowl (we should all eat more chicken). Everyone wants to be "Top Secret" these days. All I can come up with is "undisclosed violation of team rules" and a speeding ticket. Maybe he was speeding to the Chik-fil-a before they closed.

Isaiah Crowell - weapon charges? I say he found those weapons and was on the way to the police station to turn them in. Yeah, let's go with that.

The list goes on...

  • The marijuana was for medical purposes.
  • Any and all evidence is circumstantial and needs to be addressed in a court of law.
  • I'm sorry I can not make any further statements at this time.