2012-2013 Final NFL Quarterback Rankings

By Thom Cunningham
April 23, 2013 9:29 am
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This article ranks the top quarterbacks following the conclusion of the 2012-2013 NFL season. 

There are currently 40 ranking spots based off of the qualifications required for each quarterback, although other quarterbacks that qualify could not make the overly generous cut. 

These rankings do not reflect a player's longevity, but rather focuses on their overall talent and success during the recent season.

These rankings also will not reflect on the entry season rankings for the beginning of the 2013-2014 season. 

*(R) - Denotes player's rookie season*


The stats taken into consideration when determining these rankings include the following: 

- Passing yards, passing touchdowns, interceptions, pass completions, pass attempts, team record, postseason resume and quarterback rating

Other tools and sources used to determine these rankings include NFL.com, StatsLab and the overall outcome of the 2012-2013 season. 


2012-2013 Final NFL Quarterback Rankings

1) Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers 

Season Stats: 371/552; 4,295 passing yards; 39 TD to 8 INT; 108 QB rating

Season Highlights: Threw for over 4,000 yards; NFL leader in quarterback rating, NFC North Champions


2) Tom Brady - New England Patriots

Season Stats: 401/637; 4,827 passing yards; 34 TD to 8 INT; 98.7 QB rating

Season Highlights: Threw close to 5,000 passing yards; AFC East Champions; AFC Championship appearance


3) Peyton Manning - Denver Broncos

Season Stats: 400/583; 4,659 passing yards; 37 TD to 11 INT; 105.8 QB rating

Season Highlights: Over 100 QB rating; Led 11 game win streak; AFC West Champions


4) Matt Ryan - Atlanta Falcons

Season Stats: 422/615; 4,719 passing yards; 32 TD to 14 INT; 99.1 QB rating

Season Highlights: Won first career post season game; NFC South Champions; NFC Championship appearance


5) Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints

Season Stats: 422/670; 5,177 passing yards; 43 TD to 19 INT; 96.3 QB rating

Season Highlights: Led NFL with over 5,000 passing yards; Led NFL in TD passes 


6) Joe Flacco - Baltimore Ravens

Season Stats: 317/531; 3,817 passing yards; 22 TD to 10 INT; 87.7 QB rating

Season Highlights: AFC North Champions; Super Bowl Champions; Super Bowl MVP


7) Matt Schaub - Houston Texans

Season Stats: 350/544; 4,008 passing yards; 22 TD to 12 INT; 90.7 QB rating

Season Highlights: Threw for 4,000 passing yards; AFC South Champions; AFC Pro Bowl


8) Tony Romo - Dallas Cowboys

Season Stats: 425/648; 4,903 passing yards; 28 TD to 19 INT; 90.5 QB rating

Season Highlights: Threw for close to 5,000 passing yards


9) Robert Griffin (R) - Washington Redskins

Season Stats: 258/393; 3,200 passing yards; 20 TD to 5 INT; 102.4 QB rating

Season Highlights: Offensive Rookie of the Year; NFC Pro Bowl; NFC East Champions; Recorded 'Perfect Game' against the Eagles on Nov. 18, 2012


10) Andrew Luck (R) - Indianapolis Colts

Season Stats: 339/627; 4,374 passing yards; 23 TD to 18 INT; 76.5 QB rating

Season Highlights: AFC Wildcard; AFC Pro Bowl; Broke NFL record for passing yards by rookie in single game 


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By Thom Cunningham
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