There's no football on, but don't fret! Here are 101 football-related things you can do to hold you over until the greatest sport in the world returns later this year!

1. Brush up on your NFL history.

2. Try to list all the Super Bowl Champions in order.

3. Watch the video of drunk Joe Namath hitting on Suzy Kolber on Youtube.

4. Watch the Mikes Jones tackle of Kevin Dyson to end Super Bowl XXXIV on Youtube.

5. Wikipedia your favorite team and read about them.  Then, Wikipedia the other 31 teams.

6. Google Search for players and check out their individual websites.

7. Decide which NFL player has the best site.

8. Become Facebook friends with an NFL superstar!  (Actually, most players just have fan pages and won’t become an actual friend of yours.  BUT, I am friends with Steve Weatherford.)

9. Join a player’s facebook fan page.

10. Follow Larry Fitzgerald on Twitter (Lfitzgerald11).

11. Follow Chad Ochocinco on Twitter (OGOchoCinco) and remember when he used to be relevant in actual games.

12. Talk about how the Packers are still the best team in the NFL.

13. Talk about how great Andrew Luck is going to be.

14. Talk about whether or not Peyton Manning will ever be the same.

15. Play football with your friends.

16. Buy NFL gear at slightly cheaper than normal prices.

17. Steal Gisele Bundchen away from her Super Bowl losing husband.

18. Make incredibly premature fantasy football position rankings.

19. Tell soccer fans that soccer is not football.  FOOTBALL is football and soccer is for sissies.

20. Run away from violent soccer hooligans.

21. Talk about the implications of the Super Bowl loss on the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick legacy.

22. Talk about how Tim Tebow won’t play well next year and won’t be starting by Week 8.

23. Make draft predictions.

24. Give faulty reasoning as to how your team will do better than your team will actually do next season.

25. Complain that overtime should be the same during the regular season and the playoffs.

26. Quiz your friends on last years’ statistical leaders.

27. Set up your own mini-scouting combine in your backyard.

Complete the combine:
28. 40 Yard Dash
29. Bench Press (225 pounds)
30. Vertical Jump
31. Broad Jump
32. 3 Cone Drill
33. 20 Yard Shuttle
34. 60 Yard Shuttle

35. Look up record combine times and marvel at how much better they are than yours.

36. Read ‘Take Your Eye Off the Ball: How to Watch Football’, by Pat Kirwan, David Seigerman, Pete Carroll, and Bill Cowher.

37. Read Rex Ryan’s book, ‘Play Like You Mean It’.

38. Watch anything by DJ Steve Porter on Youtube (my personal favorite is Randy Moss- “One Clap”).

39. Draw a picture of an NFL player and hang it on your fridge.

40. Photoshop your head onto the body of an NFL player.

41. Buy a drinking flask with the logo of your favorite team on it.  (This is especially good if you are a Bills, Redskins, or Browns fan.)

42. Write a letter to Roger Goodell about what a great job he’s doing.

43. Write a letter to Roger Goodell about how he’s ruining the game of football.

44. Tell everyone that you can’t spell elite without Eli and listen to them tell you to shut up.

45. Find a group of Saints fans and listen to them tell you all about what a great guy Drew Brees is.

46. Find a group of Cowboys fans and listen to them tell you all about how great Tony Romo is.

47. Find a group of Bills fans.

48. Visit Canton.

49. Create a petition to get Flutie Flakes back on the market.

50. Find Mark Sanchez in a New York City club and challenge him to a game of “Throw the Football Through the Tire”.

51. Re-watch the entire Friday Night Lights series.

52. Watch Invincible.

53. Watch The Blind Side.

54. Watch Jerry Maguire.

55. Obnoxiously yell,  “Show me the money!”

56. Play catch with a football.

57. See how far you can throw a football.

58. Tell everyone that you can throw the ball farther than Colt McCoy.

59. Decide that you will become the Browns new starting QB.

60. Realize that you don’t really want to be the Browns new starting QB.

61. Guess who the Giants will play in the first game of the 2012 Season: Packers or Saints?

62. Look at your favorite teams’ schedule and explain how you can win the far majority of the games.

63. Start thinking of ways to make your fantasy football league even better in 2012.

64. If you’re not the commissioner of your league, harass the commissioner with your new ideas.

65. If you are the commissioner of your league, listen to other managers’ foolish ideas and ignore them.

66. Read up on the players being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

67. Make a ridiculously early Super Bowl prediction for next season.

68. Watch old episodes of The Jeff & The Bonch Show.

69. Create a mock draft.

70. Look at other people’s mock drafts and leave comments about how they are wrong.

71. Look over the list of free agents.

72. Decide what free agents your team should sign.

73. Complain when your team does not get these free agents.

74. Watch Jim Mora’s playoffs rant on Youtube.  Then watch it again.

75. Buy the monopoly version for your favorite team (for example, Green Bay Packers Monopoly).  Play the game for thirty minutes, get bored, put it in your closet and never play it again.

76. Buy an action figure of an NFL player.

77. Rank the NFL’s mascots.

78. Come up with your ultimate NFL fantasy roster.

79. Play Madden NFL 12.

80. Play an old version of Madden and try to adjust the teams so that the rosters are up to date.

81. Vote in the Madden NFL 13 Cover Vote (starting March 7th).  Can Peyton Hillis make it two in a row?

82. Write a poem about your favorite player.  Submit the poem to a publishing house.

83. Go for a walk in the park and think about football.

84. Go for a walk in the woods and think about football.

85. Go for a walk along the ocean and think about football.

86. Buy a hoodie and cut it up so that you look like Bill Belichick.

87. Decide what position you’d play in the NFL.

88. Do some research and decide what team has the hottest cheerleaders.

89. Make plans for Aaron Rodgers Day (12/12/12).  (It’s good to make your plans very far in advance.)

90. Find Victor Cruz in New York City and challenge him to a race.

91. Lose to Victor Cruz in a race.

92. Party with Rob Gronkowski.

93. Go to a player autograph signing.

94. Throw out the old jersey you have with your own last name on the back.

95. Buy the jersey of an offensive lineman.  (You might have to make a customizable jersey for this.)

96. Make Power Rankings (because it’s always fun to make Power Rankings).

97. Countdown the days to the first game of the regular season on your calendar.

98. Sign up for Football Nation!

99. Contribute to Football Nation!

100. Get your friends to sign up for Football Nation!
And finally…
101. Spend time with your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend…and talk about football.