101 Football-Related Things To Do During the Offseason

By Jeff Sperber
February 22, 2012 6:31 pm
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There's no football on, but don't fret! Here are 101 football-related things you can do to hold you over until the greatest sport in the world returns later this year!

1. Brush up on your NFL history.

2. Try to list all the Super Bowl Champions in order.

3. Watch the video of drunk Joe Namath hitting on Suzy Kolber on Youtube.

4. Watch the Mikes Jones tackle of Kevin Dyson to end Super Bowl XXXIV on Youtube.

5. Wikipedia your favorite team and read about them.  Then, Wikipedia the other 31 teams.

6. Google Search for players and check out their individual websites.

7. Decide which NFL player has the best site.

8. Become Facebook friends with an NFL superstar!  (Actually, most players just have fan pages and won’t become an actual friend of yours.  BUT, I am friends with Steve Weatherford.)

9. Join a player’s facebook fan page.

10. Follow Larry Fitzgerald on Twitter (Lfitzgerald11).

11. Follow Chad Ochocinco on Twitter (OGOchoCinco) and remember when he used to be relevant in actual games.

12. Talk about how the Packers are still the best team in the NFL.

13. Talk about how great Andrew Luck is going to be.

14. Talk about whether or not Peyton Manning will ever be the same.

15. Play football with your friends.

16. Buy NFL gear at slightly cheaper than normal prices.

17. Steal Gisele Bundchen away from her Super Bowl losing husband.

18. Make incredibly premature fantasy football position rankings.

19. Tell soccer fans that soccer is not football.  FOOTBALL is football and soccer is for sissies.

20. Run away from violent soccer hooligans.

21. Talk about the implications of the Super Bowl loss on the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick legacy.

22. Talk about how Tim Tebow won’t play well next year and won’t be starting by Week 8.

23. Make draft predictions.

24. Give faulty reasoning as to how your team will do better than your team will actually do next season.

25. Complain that overtime should be the same during the regular season and the playoffs.


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By Jeff Sperber
FN In-House Expert
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3 years ago
Hey Jeff...should have stopped at 100. Could also add, watch all those games that your wife/husband/all of the above/none of the above claims is taking up all the free space on the DVR.

I love the thought of doing the combine drills. Maybe I can submit my times to the Bears and get signed as an answer to the offensive line problems.

Fun read. Enjoyed this.
3 years ago

Tom, you're right, re-watch great games from last season should definitely have been on the list.
3 years ago
LOL @ #17
3 years ago
So I won't be graduating college now because I will fail all my classes because I will be too preoccupied completing this to-do list because I'm thinking about football.

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