Here’s a look at the 10 statistical storylines from a week in the life of the Cold, Hard Football Facts.

The battles are headlined by Sunday night’s glitzy Cowboys-Saints battle and are lowlighted by the dismal performance of the terrible offensive line in Miami, which generated screaming off-the-field headlines this week.

ONE – The New Orleans Saints are No. 1 in Real Quarterback Rating Differential, the stat with the highest Correlation to Victory in football (114-19; .857 in 2013); Week 10 opponent Dallas is No. 10. The teams with the top 86 performances in Real QB Rating Differential this season are 84-2, according to our Big Boards at CHFF Insider.  


TWO – The historically efficient Kansas City Chiefs defense surrenders an incredible 26.5 Yards Per Point Allowed, according to our Bendability Index.

It’s easily the most efficient defense in the history of the Cold, Hard Football Facts (since 2004) and we believe among the very best, if not the best, in the history of football.

The Chiefs have also topped the CHFF Insider-only Intelligence Index all season long.  

Here’s a look at the Bendability leaders each year since 2004. The differences in efficiency between the 2013 Chiefs and everyone else are particularly notable when you look at Bendability in terms of yards opponents need for each touchdown and extra point.

The Chiefs are nearly 30 yards better per TD than the second ranked 2005 Bears.

2013 – Kansas City (26.50) – 185.5 per TD

2012 – Seattle (20.0) – 140.0 yards per TD

2011 – San Francisco (21.53) – 150.7 yards per TD

2010 – Green Bay (20.61) – 144.3 yards per TD

2009 – Dallas (20.26) – 141.8 yards per TD

2008 – Tennessee (20.08) – 140.6 yards per TD

2007 – San Diego (18.04) – 126.7

2006 – Baltimore (21.02) – 147.1

2005 – Chicago (22.32) – 156.2

2004 – Philadelphia (19.67) – 137.7


THREE – The Carolina Panthers, who head to San Francisco Sunday as 6-point underdogs, are No. 1 in our Quality Stats Power Rankings and rank in the Top 10 in 20 of 23 Quality Stats. However, they have not faced a Quality Opponent since Week 1 (12-7 loss at home to Seattle.


FOUR – The Detroit Lions broke a 63-year-old franchise record with 623 yards of offense against Dallas.  


FIVE – The 623 yards allowed by the Cowboys was also a franchise record, breaking the mark of 583 gained by the old Houston Oilers in 1991. Dallas has surrendered more than 500 yards of offense three times this season, all three in the last six games. They had surrendered more than 500 yards just 14 other times in the entire 54-season history of the franchise (source: Play Index).


SIX – The Mental Mismatches provided each week through the CHFF Insider-only Intelligence Index are 17-3 straight up this year and a sterling 13-7 (.650) against the spread. Our Week 10 Mental Mismatches are already 1-0 in Week 10, calling for Minnesota’s outright victory over Washington Thursday night.


SEVEN – The Steelers surrendered 784 Total Team Yards Allowed to the Patriots last week, the most of any team this season. (Minnesota is second, allowing 718 Total Team Yards to the Bears in Week 2.


EIGHT – The Texans and Cardinals have combined to commit 34 turnovers in 16 games this season. The big difference? Houston has produced just five takeaways; Arizona 19, among the best in the NFL.


NINE – Miami offensive lineman Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin have been the center of the football world this week. But that same OL has been among the worst in football all season: No. 26 on the Offensive Hog Index and No. 30 at protecting the passer, suffering a Negative Pass Play on 13.58 percent of dropbacks.


TEN – Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos rank No. 1 across the board in all our measures of passing efficiency: Real Passing YPA (8.27), Real QB Rating (108.8) and Offensive Passer Rating (119.01). Week 10 opponent Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers rank No. 2 in Real QB Rating (101.4), No. 3 in Real Passing YPA (7.82); No. 3 in Offensive Passer Rating (106.5).