I've said it a million times before.

Nothing is guaranteed in the NFL. No matter the team, no matter the player, it's almost impossible to predict accurately what will happen.

Unless it's when you're talking about Tony Romo in December.

Obviously, all joking aside, Romo is one of the best QB's in Cowboys history. His near 30,000 career yards leads the franchise, and when he's good -- he's impossible to stop.

Unfortunately, when he's bad, it snowballs.

He's known for his late game collapses and tendancy to turnover the ball when he's needed most. He just signed a 100 million dollar contract, yet after a meltdown for the ages, it looks like his team will once again miss the Playoffs.

That's not good for anyone in Dallas. If there's one person in the league who's desperate to win, it's Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Moving Tony Romo would only come out of desperation, but it wouldn't be the biggest of surprises.

Headed into the 2014 offseason, there will be dozens of legitimate options at quarterback through free agency and the draft.

Would Jerry Jones really pull the trigger? Probably not, but if things get much worse in Dallas, he'll be sorry he didn't do something sooner.

Here's a list of guys who would be a perfect fit with the Cowboys, should Jones feel the need to replace the "cursed" passer.