10 Replacement Quarterbacks For Tony Romo

By Michael Quinn
December 16, 2013 6:28 am
31,641 Views 27 Comments

I've said it a million times before.

Nothing is guaranteed in the NFL. No matter the team, no matter the player, it's almost impossible to predict accurately what will happen.

Unless it's when you're talking about Tony Romo in December.

Obviously, all joking aside, Romo is one of the best QB's in Cowboys history. His near 30,000 career yards leads the franchise, and when he's good -- he's impossible to stop.

Unfortunately, when he's bad, it snowballs.

He's known for his late game collapses and tendancy to turnover the ball when he's needed most. He just signed a 100 million dollar contract, yet after a meltdown for the ages, it looks like his team will once again miss the Playoffs.

That's not good for anyone in Dallas. If there's one person in the league who's desperate to win, it's Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Moving Tony Romo would only come out of desperation, but it wouldn't be the biggest of surprises.

Headed into the 2014 offseason, there will be dozens of legitimate options at quarterback through free agency and the draft.

Would Jerry Jones really pull the trigger? Probably not, but if things get much worse in Dallas, he'll be sorry he didn't do something sooner.

Here's a list of guys who would be a perfect fit with the Cowboys, should Jones feel the need to replace the "cursed" passer.

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20 months ago
Thinking the Redskins would help the Cowboys is laughable.
20 months ago
If Jerry Jones were so desperate to win, he would have fixed this dumpster fire a long time ago. Romo has been the starter for eight years, and continues to make the same boneheaded mistakes in crucial situations, and Jones is not gonn'a give up on him. That doesn't mean that the Cowboys won't draft another QB, but a trade is out of the question. Jones is his own worst enemy.
20 months ago

I agree...the only thing Jerry cares about is himself and and a full stadium.
20 months ago
Jameis Winston...High profile, hot talented kid.. Romo isnt worth the $100 million (neither is Matthew Stafford)...
20 months ago
IS anyone worth 100 million in the NFL
20 months ago
What do I think about the post? I'll break it down very clearly. As a Cowboys fan of 25 Years, I am more than qualified to answer the question of what is wrong with this team and how they could be better. I have not missed a live Cowboys game in over 15 years, since Landry's last season. Here's the deal, and what I think about the replacements for Tony....Tony is a better fit for the Dallas Cowboys than all ten of those guys! Romo is the Cowboys QB until 2020! Jerry Jones is the Owner until he is dead! Now lets discuss the issues....Garrett, gone!Strength and Conditioning coaching staff, gone! Keepers on defense: Ware, Lee, Hatcher, Spencer, Carter,Selvie, Carr,Claiborne,Scandrick, the rest not mentioned, gone! Major contacts to be signed after next season:Travis Fredricks,Tyron Smith,De Marco Murray, Dez Bryant. Possible trade bait: Miles Austin, Ernie Sims, Barry Church, Orlando Scandrick...Keep eye on Miles! If healthy, Austin is a major asset to the Cowboys, however, if he is not healthy and cannot produce someone else can step in to fill the role. We could use his value after a good healthy year next season, if anything short of a playoff run, Austin and a selected other players can be traded for a couple solid vets on the defensive line....I honestly question the recent signing of Orlando Scandrick??? Scandrick is under the rader....There you have it! The problem is not Romo, not Jones, not Kiffen... We do not have the players to run Kiffens scheme, at least not yet. Maybe Jerry should sit down with Kiffen after this season to discuss what players he needs to run his defense. Dallas needs a big name coach! Jerry has to splurge! Takes money to make money! Takes money to get the results! Go for Cower or Gruden...Gruden has worked for Marinelli and Kiffen! Fix that defense! The offense will be fine! Superbowl!!!
20 months ago

You are correct. Dallas is ranked 7th from the bottom on Defense and has the 4th best offense in the NFL. The problem is not Romo.
20 months ago

The problem is not Romo. I second that.
20 months ago

Besides throwing two interceptions at the end of the game... He's not the whole problem but I think it's hard to deny he's at least PART of the debacle.
20 months ago
Dallas has never been a good team and never will be with Romeo at QB, and Jerry Jones as owner. you can say what you want to stick up for them but they are has been's period.
20 months ago
Romo is a very good QB who needs fresh scenery outside of Dallas-I do really think that he could find 'his dreams' elsewhere. The 'Boyz' would ultimately benefit too-it's a 'scenery thing' at this point.

The arrogance of JJ (Jerry Jones) is akin to Al Davis(Raiders)and the 'Boyz' probably won't find much glory until they are rid of his devastating hubris (psst-hey JJ!-got a secret play that would just totally stun your NFL opponents!).

The Skins owner, Dan Snyder, appears... to be... a recovering 'arrogant jerk' who would not be so stupid as to give JJ any special gifts-least of all-some recent 'phenom' like-an unseasoned but potentially good-QB like Cousins.

Jay Cutler isn't likely to help the Bears or anyone else with his high propensity for injury (can he play at a high level for 16+ games for anyone?-not likely!).

Dallas' salvation won't come until JJ is gone. My best memories of the 'Boyz' are with Tex Schram and the 'great coach'-Tom Landry .... The 'so-called' "America's Team" will only re-emerge under new leadership (in this case 'new leadership' = 'new ownership'). On a high note-the Cowboys' cheerleaders continue to pleasure all of us male fans. Otherwise-'Go Philly', 'go Giants', 'Go Redskins'!) JJ can go too-but not in the same place.

We sports fans need to establish a 'Sports Hall of Shame". My first nominees would be Al Davis and Jerry Jones.

Sports fan from Carolina
20 months ago
What is it with sports fans that they think team owners should not be hands on with their investment .
20 months ago
dallas is 135 and 135 since 1997 or so jerry jones is a bad owner and his son is no better,they will not get better anytime soon and it does not matter who plays or coaches dallas.jerry is a fool and if you walk by a pond and smell fish and there are no fish in the pond,what does that say for jerry jones.
20 months ago
Tony Romo is not the problem. Jerry Jones and the defense are. If Jones modeled Robert Craft & hired a real head coach, this team could contend for a Super Bowl every year with the talent it has. But if you have a puppet head coach, you get an 8-8 team that teases it's fans, but ends up going nowhere.
20 months ago
I don't see any name there that can win any more games than Romo until there is a defense that can stop someone. Until this year the Cowboys were something like 126-4-1 when scoring 30 or more points. Even 48 wasn't good enough against Denver. Please... Just how can a QB be responsible for this abysmal season? Who thinks Ely would have done better? Twenty five picks with two games left, and the NYG guys are booking travel plans for the off season. where is his replacement list? Cowboy offense is good enough to win it all, as is special teams but the defense is the flame in Jerry's dumpster fire and Jerry ran off Ratliff an Rob Ryan. Genius!! Where is the list of 10 replacements for Monty Kiffen? and while we're making lists, how about a real GM? I don't care if tony throws 3 picks a game, 36 point ought to be enough to win ,most games. How do we like the Callahan play calling against GB? Yet another list to be considered. when Tony becomes head coach, Offensive coordinator, and GM he can consider such a replacement list. Until then, be glad you aren't a NYG, NYJ or Buffalo Fan. Oh and let's not forget the Falcons! My wish for Christmas is to finish out the next two games with wins, somehow keep the defense off the field in the first round at home and play them one at a time after that.
20 months ago
Bridgewater or Boyd..... Great choices.. Either would contribute to the "show" that Jerry wants. All kinds of activity with no action running around on the field like a firedrill. Wouldn't gather any wins but great for the circus that is the Dallas Cowboys.
20 months ago
While I will agree with the several comments that our defense is much to blame fir this year, that does not give Romo a free pass. We are looking at 8 years of Romo as a starter and it is the same every year. He has some really good games with great stats in the middle of the season and everyone starts thinking this is gonna be the year. But then when it matters most he starts coughing the ball up at both critical times and in critical games. I get that he throws for 3,000 yards a season and has the best passing yardage stats of any Cowboys quarterback. That doesn't mean he is the best quarterback we have ever had. You are going to put up some good passing stats when you throw the ball 40-60 times a game. At some point he has got to stop calling his own number late in the game when they are ahead and work the run game. I think Tony Romo is a fantasy quarterback... He will ear plenty of point for you fantasy team during the year. However if you think he has what it takes to get the Cowboys not only into the playoffs but a super bowl ring, you live in a fantasy world.
That being said the Cowboys need to learn how to properly use the run game to open up the play-action passing game. No one gets fooled on the play-action pass if you never actually run the ball.
To be a better team next year, they have to focus on the defense. To be a super bowl contender they need to make massive changes including Romo at quarterback.
20 months ago

And what franchise QB will come in and take his place and put up the numbers he puts up? Eli Manning won two Super Bowls. Let's say for arguments sake (we all know this will never happen) Eli plays for Dallas next year. Do you think he can take this Dallas team to the Super Bowl with this coach and owner?

No way in a million years.
20 months ago
I am a DieHard Cowboys fan, a Huge fan and believer in Tony Romo.
I thought He had His game under control. But after His 2 INT'S
againsts Greenbay I think it is time for Jerry Jones to Cut Romo and take the 55 Million loss in guranteed Money He'll be losing.
20 months ago
The problem isn't Romo. The problem is Jerry Jones. He still can't accept the "FACT" that Jimmy Johnson was the reason that the Cowboys were Super Bowl Champions. Jimmy was the one to get all of the talent, and he and his coaches molded the Cowboys into a well oiled machine(both offensively & defensively). As long as Jerry is running the show, they could have an all star team and be mediocre at best !
20 months ago
I agree with Pisciotta except for keepping Ware, Ware has not shown anything this year.He has not been the dominating player He once was. Thet need to cut Him and draft a DT.Austin should be traded He is alwas getting injured, this does not help the team. Murray needs to stay healthy and with the addition of blocking FB Tyler Cluts the Running game is finally taking off, I love Sean Lee but He is always getting hurt ,He needs to be cut.And youwant to keep Kiffen ? Are you out of your mind ?He is the wosrt Defensive Coordinator the Cowboys have ever had.
He needs to go.Romo needs to play under control, when they are ahead they need to run the ball. Coaches and teamates need to remind Him of this constantly.
20 months ago

I agree, Austin has to go. he is never there and if you are going to let Ratliff go for that reason then Austin needs to hit the road to. Beasly is getting it done at WR3, and we need to draft a DT and maybe trade Ware for a draft pick.
20 months ago
Chaz Abraham, I totally agree with you. Jerry Jones is still succeeding in fooling all of the Dallas Cowboys fans because of their unflinching loyalty, including my very self but it is all a matter of time. When attendance at the AT&T Stadium begins to thin out and return on investments begins to show less than expected results, Jerry Jones will be forced to wake up from his slumber and listen to the everyday wise counsel of ardent fans like me. We are all concerned about the year-in-year-out dismal performance of Dallas Cowboys and unless the right and result-oriented coach, Defensive Coordinator and QB are employed, we should continue to expect the same disappointing result that we are all used to seeing, may be till the next 10 years. Jerry Jones - "A word is enough for the wise".
20 months ago

Its almost like Romo has something over jerry. he should have been gone last year or even the year before that. he will continue to choke and make us Dallas fans miserable.
20 months ago
Top 10 Quarterback Replacements for Tony Romo (in P.T. Barnum Jones World:

#10 Bubby Brister;
#09 Jim Kelly;
#08 Jim Zorn;
#07 Jim Everett;
#06 Dan Marino;
#05 Jeff George;
#04 Brad Johnson;
#03 Trent Dilfer;
#02 Joe Namath;
#01 Jerry Jones!!!!

Remember fans, "It's Jerry's World"!!! May I have another cup of that tasty Kool-Aid Please?!?
20 months ago
I think that the Cousins deal would be the best fit for the Cowboys, but I dont think that the Redskins owner will allow that to happen. I also like the trade idea for Sam Bradford. I think he could definitly be the future for the Cowboys. I dont know what hold Romo has on Jerry but he should have been gone a long time ag0!
20 months ago
Those who think Romo should go or is the problem with this team simply don't watch the Cowboys play. Last year the problem was the horrendous offensive line (they also haven't had a 1000 YD rusher in 6 years). They drafted Travis Frederick, Free and Smith are playing alot better and the two guards are serviceable.

If Jerrah would have stopped there Dallas would have been OK. But no. He makes one of the dumbest offseason moves since the Herschel Walker trade. He brings in 100 year old Monte Kiffin to install a system that doesn't play to the strengths of the personnel. The Cowboys have $70MM tied up in cover and nickle backs. The new system is a zone heavy scheme that relies on a strong pass rush and a huge fast DL (something the Cowboys do not have).

Simply put, as long as Jerry Jones keeps making these types of decisions, coupled with mind boggling coaching decisions that arise each season (icing your own kicker, abandoning the run with a 26-3 lead) this team is doomed.

Put Peyton or Eli Manning on this team the last two years and ask yourself how many more games they would have won. If you do not have an offensive line or at least an average defense, I don't care who the QB is, he won't be successful.

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