10 Reasons Why New TBS Show 'Cheeseheads' Will Be Unwatchable

By Anoop Kathrani
May 23, 2013 8:47 am
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Before I begin, I'd like to state how impartial I am to the Green Bay Packers, TBS, and reality TV shows. That being said, I think 'Cheeseheads' will be a huge embarrassing flop. I have listed my reasons below.

Reason #1: Reality TV shows

Let's face it, reality shows are redundant and only get picked up by networks because they're so much cheaper to produce than an actual show with a real plot. It's cheaper because you don't have to pay the actors and there aren't as many retakes (mistakes on shows with plots are edited out as bloopers, mistakes on reality shows are on the commercials to advertise the show).

Reason #2: Reality TV show on TBS

"Very funny" is the motto of TBS. This show isn't going to have a serious documentary-like feel to it, it's going to have a 'King of the Nerds' type of charisma and the point will be to make us laugh, even if that means to poke some fun at the Packer fans.

Reason #3: Football fans on TV

How often are football fans portrayed in a positive light on TV? Football fans are stereotypically portrayed as lazy, unproductive, loud beer-chuggers who take the game too seriously. Has anyone seen FX's "The League"? How about shows where the lead characters are sports lovers: "Everybody Loves Raymond," "According to Jim," "King of Queens," and many more. If they aren't on sports networks, passionate sports fans are usually mocked by the media.

Reason #4: Success of reality TV shows

Even if the show is a complete success, it can still have negative impact and still be hard to watch. Who here hasn't seen the hit MTV reality show "The Jersey Shore"? As a Jersey native, who now lives away from the east coast, I can tell you that the Jersey Shore had a pivotal role in how some people view people from New Jersey. The same argument can be made for the publicity for the state of Wisconsin and the city of Green Bay.

Reason #5: Fireman Ed

After the 'retirement' of Fireman Ed, people are going to look for those headline fans we can make fun of around the league. Without headlining games and segments with the New York Jets fan-mascot, the sports networks will focus more attention onto these new famous fans and make them into the new Fireman Ed (which is bad for Packers fans).

Reason #6: Producer Jason Carbone

Although reality TV producer Jason Carbone hasn't had any of his shows centered around football fans, he was the co-producer of the Bachelor the season Jesse Palmer was "the bachelor" in 2004. He also had high producer roles in 'The Bachelorette,' 'Run's House,' and others.

Reason #7: Character Casting

When it comes to casting for reality TV shows, casting directors do not like "normal" at all. Every reality TV show is based on how crazy their stars are and how moronic they can become. Think about your 'Snookies' and 'The Situations' on every reality show. It will be hard to bear watching these characters making fools of themselves on national television at the expense of NFL and Packers fans.

Reason #8: Cheeseheads are already made fun of around the NFL

People who watch football and understand the culture and subcultures realize that the Green Bay Packer fans are always made fun of. It's going to be hard watching an "inside joke" taken to the public and away from our unoriginal puns. Making fun of Cheeseheads will be too 'mainstream' to be funny to NFL fans and Fireman Ed won't make it to anymore Jets games, who are we to make fun of now? Are we only left with Mark Sanchez and Tony Romo now?

Reason #9: Bandwagon

People love hoping on bandwagons and real sports fans are annoyed and bothered by them. We're going to have a bunch of non-football-fans who are going to root for the Packers because their favorite reality TV star from this show is one. Now we know that'll just be intolerable.

Reason #10: Subculture expansion:

What if ESPN or our favorite local and national networks are going to follow this like they did when NFL players were on 'Dancing with the Stars'? Am I going to have to watch a show I already don't like just to keep up with the subculture of my favorite sport? That's just intolerable.

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By Anoop Kathrani
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2 years ago
Wow, you must really hate the Packers to actually write this garbage. I suspect you won't have many requests to "Become A Fan", after this piece. I'm sure you've written several insightful, well thought out articles for Football Nation but dude, this is embarrassing.
2 years ago

it really isn't. I started off the article saying it has nothing to do with the packers. TBS can follow around any group of fans and make them look bad. again....has nothing to do with the PAckers themselves.
2 years ago

My mistake. I reread it and see what you mean. TBS must really be desperate to fill some time slots.
2 years ago

haha it's okay. reality shows are cheap and cable networks don't get good advertising revenue at bad time slots. I think this just may be a way to just get some easy football viewers and sponsors for minimum cost.
2 years ago
The same TBS that gave us "Daisy Does America" and "Frank TV". They even watered down Conan. The network whose tagline is "Very Funny" gets about as much laughs as tuberculosis.
2 years ago

IDK, I still like Conan and they have good shows like 'Sullivan and Son' and 'Men at Work' .. but yeah, their original content usually fails
We like the Packers, but don't really want to watch a reality show about "cheeseheads". It would just be way to boring. Sorry.
2 years ago
The author is a Bears fan, and jealous of the Cheesehead nation!!

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