Jameis Winston’s life off the football field never seems to slow down.

Baseball, mixed with celebrity status are just part of his day to day makeup. And when he is not on a diamond throwing a fastball, there are the constant disruptions from the alleged sexual assault case continue to take up space in his ever-evolving world.

In most cases, it is great to be Jameis Winston, the most polarizing face and person in college sports today. In some cases, the constant dogging and questions about an event from 2012 continue to cast doubt in the minds of many over who this two-sport star is and what involvement did he really have from a police report filed with the Tallahassee Police Department.

Whatever the case, the return of spring football can mean only one thing for Winston – a possible second national title and a return to the Heisman Trophy spotlight as not only the reigning title holder, but also a front runner to win it again.

While the Seminoles will be a favorite to capture college football glory once again, so will Winston – with a field of teams looking to take FSU’s crown and a list of players who are up to the task of challenging for Mr. Heisman.

Here are the reasons why although Florida State has a good chance of repeating as a national champion, Winston’s chances of winning individual glory this season will not happen.

Heisman Voters

If Tim Tebow cannot win two Heisman Trophy awards, then no one can. Archie Griffin was the only player in college football to win the award twice and someone like Tebow or Herschel Walker could not duplicate the feat. If they cannot, neither can Winston.

Southern Superiority

Too many great players in the south to allow Winston garner enough votes. Alabama, Auburn, Georgia and even Florida could all have players who could contend for the award. Then there is the entire other part of the country with contenders.

Two Losses

Don’t expect FSU to cake walk through the schedule this season. With Oklahoma State, Miami, Florida, Notre Dame and Clemson on the list, this team could easily drop two games, if not more.

Better Running Game

This season, the Noles will again have a strong running game to match the arm of Winston. Karlos Williams was learning the position last season. This season, he may just contend for the award himself.

Tougher ACC

Louisville comes to the SEC and Maryland moves on. North Carolina, Miami, Boston College and Syracuse should all be better, which makes this a tougher conference to win in. Everything fell into place last season. It won’t this season.


At some point, everyone gets them. Winston was fortunate enough to not suffer from them severely. He is one tackle or hit away from being on a sideline.

Media Scrutiny

The media will continue to make the investigation by the State Attorney in Tallahassee an issue. Thus this leads to questions about things other than football. Could the pressures finally get to the 20-year old kid about things other than the pigskin?

Marcus Mariota

If there is a player in college football being counted on as heavily as Winston to bring home a National Title and a Heisman, it is Mariota at Oregon.

Sophomore Slump

Many go through it. The freshman season is the one season where a player performs without knowing any better. Winston could be an anomaly – we just don’t know what happens once he gets on the field in 2014.

Bryce Petty

Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty is another player who I think could challenge Winston for the Heisman Trophy next season. Baylor will be strong again in college football and the big quarterback will be in the middle of all that hype.