Ray Lewis and Ed Reed have provided this writer with some of the greatest thrills an NFL fan can experience, none better than the 2013 Super Bowl Championship this past February.

According to most NFL writers, losing them both, along with six other starters, can only mean the end of competitive NFL football in the city of Baltimore.

"Not so fast" as ESPN's Lee Corso might say. Last season's Ravens caught lightning in a bottle on an improbable run to the Super Bowl.

It was a great ride, a great team effort, but it was not nearly as talented a group as the current roster.

With my purple tinted sunglasses firmly in place, let me offer 10 reasons that the 2013 Baltimore Ravens will be even better than the version we watched beat the San Francisco 49ers.

I will stop short of predicting another Super Bowl victory, but I will suggest that the 2013 Baltimore Ravens will be at the very least a serious playoff contender in January, 2014.