Was the Randy Moss deal in 2007 the biggest steal in NFL history? If you ask Randy, or Tom Brady, the answer has to be a resounding yes! 23 touchdown catches make a fantastic case. Some free agent signings pay off big-time, while others only seem to benefit the bank account of the player striking gold in a new city.

But one thing is sure- every year will see a slew of players cut from one squad, only to take up residence somewhere else, with the goal of finding the place that will propel their career (or whatever).

Virtually gone are the days when a player retires with the team that drafted them. The Tom Brady's of the league are few and far between. And every team is looking for that one piece (or 10) to the puzzle of making that deep run into the playoffs. We have seen "Dream Teams" created, often with the inevitable result of disappointment and subsequent dismantling, and usually due to the high price tag or the clash of character among players and/or coaches. Whatever "it" was... didn't work.

It is an inexact science that molds and remolds teams to get the desired result. More often than not, it is the team that achieves relative balance, with or without any true superstars, that also achieves ultimate victory. So, in that light, we look at the free agent landscape of 2013 and with only the knowledge of the first three weeks at our disposal, gauge which free agents were the best choices.