10 Best Thanksgiving NFL Games Of All-Time

By Zach Schaphorst
November 20, 2012 10:10 am
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Since its inception, football and Thanksgiving has been a perfect combination.

From the NFL's humble beginnings in 1920 to today, there has always been football on Thanksgiving and today the holiday is tied to the game of football as much as it is to food and giving thanks.

In 1934, the Detroit Lions played their first game on Thanksgiving and became regular participants on the day, and in 1966 the Dallas Cowboys followed suit.

While recently this tradition has been broken by NFL network's addition of a third game on Thanksgiving, all 10 of the best Thanksgiving day games in NFL history involve the two blue and silver teams. 

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By Zach Schaphorst
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!?OLD~DAYzs?! 'NO'...
Bbbb`!?BOUNtiEZS?! MY ASSS!?!

2 years ago
I can't see leaving off the Thanksgiving Game that really made Turkey Day NFL football a tradition--the 1962 Lions victory over Green Bay which was the Packers only loss of the season. Bart Starr was sacked 10 times by the Lions front four that day, a number of them by Alex Karras.
2 years ago

Agree Ed. This is one lame a s s top 10 list.
2 years ago

I agree that was a extremely memorable game, but in terms of a "best games" list, just focusing on how close and exciting they were, it didn't make the cut. If I would looking in terms of "most memorable" I would have put that game, the Jason Garrett game in '94, and the randy moss game in '98.
2 years ago
Where is the 1980 Bears at Lions where Dave Williams returned the OT kickoff for a touchdown? Shortest OT to that point (still?). Research!
2 years ago

Agree with this post as well. I was at that Bears OT game. I went to get a beer before OT started missed that KO return.
2 years ago

I'll give you that. I should have had that one.
2 years ago
The only thing missing from turkey day football is Pat Summerall and John Madden
2 years ago
it's time to rotate Nfl teams on thanksging day besides cowboys and detroit wtf.what do you think?
2 years ago

I think the best time for that would've been in the early 00s when both teams were awful. Now the Lions are respectable and the Cowboys are still the Cowboys, always a big ratings draw. As long as people are watching the games I don't think the NFL is going to rotate teams. Though I could see more NFL network games popping up in the near future.

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