Every once in an NFL general managers lifetime, they may have the opportunity to draft a franchise type quarterback. In years past, it was more the exception for a rookie quarterback to start right away, but as Bob Dylan said, "The time's they are a changing."

No longer does a top rookie quarterback sit and wait. If the team feels they drafted their next franchise quarterback, he is going to be on the field, taking the snaps, and either getting the glory, or getting booed out of town.

Every year, there may be a quarterback or two in the draft that finds early success, but there have been more NFL ready quarterbacks drafted in the past five years and as you will see they dominate this list.

If you are looking for the usual suspects; Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Drew Brees, Dan Marino, (insert Hall of Fame quarterback here), there is a good chance you won't find them on this list. Why not? Well, quite simply, they didn't play much if any at all in their rookie seasons. The players composing this list made a significant contribution on the field immediately.

Since 1998, only three drafts haven't featured a quarterback with the number one overall-pick. 2000, 2006 and 2008. The 2000 draft will always be remembered as the Tom Brady draft. 198 players where selected before Brady. 198! Who knew? Obviously no one, and the rest is history.

2006, the Texans selected defensive end Mario Williams first-overall and in 2008 the Miami Dolphins selected offensive tackle Jake Long with the first-overall pick. Long is an all-pro tackle, but do you think the Dolphins regret passing on Matt Ryan (third-overall), or Joe Flacco (18th-overall)? Read on to find out where Ryan and Flacco rate amongst the greatest rookie quarterback seasons of all-time.