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Around FN

The 49ers have been hit by an uppercut to the jaw this past weekend as frontrunner Josh McDaniels, changed course, and decided to stay in New England.

Do NFL players prioritize their health?

A young Pats fan put up a video on YouTube that can't help but remind you of Bill Belichick when he was just a wee lad.

It wasn't the offensive juggernaut, it was a different killer "B", and it was an offensive hold that propels the Steelers to Foxborough.

Dion Lewis couldn't be stopped by the Texans; so much so he made NFL history.

Both teams are in relatively good health for Sunday's game.

Want to jump on the Cowboys bandwagon? They don't mind, in fact they have an application for you to join ...

NFL fan Andrew Roberts analyzes Wild Card Weekend and predicts the Divisional Round.

Bill Musgrave is out and Todd Downing is in for Oakland.

It ends up being quite simple ... In the Words of Beast Mode - Run Though a Motha F**** Face!

Now that the Lions are out of the playoffs, lets look at their personnel needs and the upcoming draft.

Marquette King and his funny antics still continue despite Oakland now being in the offseason.

Nelson left the wild card game with the Giants early, and despite spending overnight in the hospital, could still play in Dallas.

The headline will be all about defenses in this Saturday night match up, but what about the offenses?

Cobb did things never-before done against the Giants in Wild Card Weekend!

Pittsburgh's linebacker coach was taken away in handcuffs after an incident involving police officers at a local bar.

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