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With the possibility of JPP leaving as a FA, GM Jerry Reese must decide which direction to go for his replacement.

Seth Carson's first mock for the 2017 NFL Draft.

GM Jerry Reese might need to find a replacement for DT Jonathan Hankins if he decides to let him test free agency. If so, he does have some options.

James White set three records in Super Bowl LI but didn't win Super Bowl MVP. That didn't stop Ford Trucks from giving the patriots RB a truck anyway.

The Dallas Cowboys need to make re-signing strong safety J.J. Wilcox a priority during the offseason.

With $13 Billion in revenue, it's no secret the NFL is a money making machine and the Super Bowl is the league's most profitable event.

Winning in the NFL is a matter of brains over brawn, as the Cold, Hard Football Facts Intelligence Index proved yet again in 2016.

Time for my views on the Super Bowl 51 match-up as the hype rolls on all week.

The Super Bowl is just around the corner and to kick off this week, lets take a look at some Super Statistics.

Super Bowl LI looks to be a good one. The leagues two best teams. Both playing at a high level. But one is at a decided disadvantage.

Marshawn Lynch paid a visit to Houston ... Houston, Scotland that is to talk about the Super Bowl (and give away Skittles) to locals.

The Pats wide out got creative by turning the opening to the classic TV show 'The Wonder Years' into a Patriots motivational video.

Just how did the Super Bowl get to where it is today?

The Redskins head coach wants Kirk but the front office wants something else.

San Francisco is bringing in the former Buccaneer and Bronco as their newest GM, and Lynch's first chance at a front office job.

A look at what to possibly expect out of the Packers heading into the 2017 offseason. Time to R-E-L-O-A-D!!

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