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gladys louise tyler
FN Reporter

I love the Steelers, Pirates, Penguins and I can say that even though I live in Denver! Locations change allegiances remain the same. Fantasy football is my obsession, come talk to me!


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It cannot be stated enough, the Broncos' offense isn't very good. Who are the coaches that are going to rectify the situation?

Can the Denver Broncos rely on their defense for the next Super Bowl run. Did Super Bowl 51 show them the error of their ways?

It wasn't the offensive juggernaut, it was a different killer "B", and it was an offensive hold that propels the Steelers to Foxborough.

The Pittsburgh Steelers B's stung the Miami Dolphins defense while the Steelers' defense captured and contained the offense during Wild Card Weekend.

The Denver Broncos beat the undermanned Oakland Raiders. Ah, what could have been.

Cleveland Browns took the Pittsburgh Steelers to overtime. The Browns lost the game but won the number one draft pick. Steelers are playoff-bound.

The Denver Broncos lacked the offensive power to stay with the Kansas City Chiefs. But 33 points ain't all on the offense.

One thing I learned is that it sucks to lose power on Christmas Day 8 minutes before game time. What did we do before live streaming and tweets?

It was dropped passes and boneheaded plays that ultimately lead to the Denver Broncos demise. Too bad Tom Brady will get all the glory.

Wait...stop...maybe you have heard this before: Cincinnati Bengals leading then the defense decides to help out the opposition?

Okay, so the Los Angeles Rams are the first in something ... head coach search does count.

It's the re-match of the re-match, but this time both teams are stocked and loaded.

It was a slow first half followed by a torrid second half. Too little too late for the Trevor Siemian and the Denver Broncos.

It was just another dominating performance by Le'Veon Bell in the snow, in December, in play-off contention. >Yawn<

Buffalo Bills head coach said his team "imploded" last week against the Oakland Raiders. That's not good right?

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