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Lifetime football fan in the heart of Black & Blue Division country. I enjoy the history of the NFL from when a game write-up on Monday was two paragraphs long to today, when Sunday's are events with multiple writers for newspapers and web sites covering each game. I welcome fans and comments. Contact me directly at or Twitter @tjpollin. Links to all my Football Nation articles, plus additional writing, is at Also visit and "Like" my Facebook page at Bronko Nagurski Lives!

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The Bills Complete NFC North Sweep: Autopsy of an Upset
The Buffalo Bills damaged the Green Bay Packers’ chase for the No. 1 seed in the NFC while keeping their own improbable playoff push alive.
The 10 Best Rookie Wide Receivers of All Time
This season has seen a bumper crop of talented rookie wide receivers. By the end of the 2014 season it's possible one or more could join this group.
Chargers Slip Past Ravens for a Big Win: Autopsy of an Upset
The Ravens controlled the game nearly the entire day before the Chargers scored 21 fourth quarter points to steal a victory.
Rams Stun the Broncos In St. Louis: Autopsy of an Upset
The Rams have beaten both participants in last season's NFC Championship Game and now have added the AFC Champions to their list of triumphs.
Browns Take Revenge on Bengals: Autopsy of an Upset
On Thursday Night Football the Cleveland Browns showed that their days of being pushovers in the AFC North are over.

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