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Sports Illustrated's Paul Zimmerman says, "For day-in, day-out football writing, Tom Danyluk is the most knowledgeable person covering the game." High praise, indeed. But Danyluk toils hard at maintaining that reputation.A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, where he covered the Panthers and the NFL's Steelers, Danyluk earned the school's first-ever Outstanding Sports Columnist award before pursuing his passion as a freelance writer.He joined Pro Football Weekly in 2004, and the following year he completed his first book, the highly entertaining and punchy "Super '70s."Danyluk points to two men who influenced the way he presents pro football to his readers."I had a writing professor in college," says Danyluk, "a big, Mike Holmgrem-looking guy, who would just hammer away at you — 'Be responsible for your words!' I never forgot that message."The other was NBC's Curt Gowdy." 'Don't get caught up in the periphery,' he told me. 'Always remember, it's about the game.' "

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