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Former collegiate offensive lineman with a passion for line play. I still use my collegiate career to explain why I'm so large. Coached OL/DL at the high school level in VA, where my OL won multiple awards and we had one of the top offenses in the state. My posts will be about the fat guys, because we are important. I am a suffering Chiefs fan and a UVA apologist. I love drinking stouts and the only thing I love more than chicken wings is my Rottweiler. Disagree with me about football? No problem but come correct in your argument

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Hog Power: Things Are Getting Back To The Norm
With one quarter of the NFL season behind us, the teams atop the Offensive Hog Index and Defensive Hog Index should be no surprise.
Hog Power: A Look At The Top Fronts In Football
The New York Jets have the best defensive front in football after three weeks. Go buy a lottery ticket if you predicted that.
Hog Power: Thursday Night's Marquee Matchup
Thursday night football pits the number one ranked team in our OHI, the Eagles, against the number one ranked team in our DHI, the Chiefs.
Dallas Cowboys at Kansas City Chiefs: Three Bold Predictions
The Dallas Cowboys travel to Arrowhead for their matchup with the Chiefs. Kansas City is buzzing after the Chiefs week one performance.
Hog Power: A Look At The Top Fronts In Football
After week one of the NFL season, the New England Patriots rank as the best OL in football and the Tennessee Titans rank as the best defensive front.

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