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I grew up in the heart of Tomahawk Chop country, surrounded by a sea of red and gold. Although childhood games in Arrowhead Stadium were some of the greatest memories a football-obsessed kid could ever have, I proudly wore my Boomer Esiason jersey and Bengals sweatshirt to school. In fact, I think Mike Brown still wears the same sweatshirt from 1988.But now I live in St. Louis, frequent the Edward Jones Dome, and have learned it's more fun to be a fan of the game. Because, as Jerry Seinfeld said, essentially we are just rooting for laundry, anyway.

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Super Bowl Hog Report:Ravens Hogs take Lombardi Back to Baltimore
With the attention payed to Ray Lewis or MVP Joe Flacco, many forgot to notice that Baltimore's hogs made the Ravens' championship possible.
Super Bowl Hog Report: Suggs and Smith Lead Underacheiving Hogs
For the 49ers and Ravens, their big names including Terrell Suggs, Aldon Smith, and Haloti Ngata have not achieved big results in the NFL playoffs.
Super Bowl Hog Report: 49ers & Ravens Opposite Kinds of Run Heavy
While both Harbaugh's 49ers and Caldwell's Ravens use their offensive lines to set the tone for their offense, how they do that is the exact opposite.
Playoff Hog Report: Patriots' Trenches Beginning to Look Super
With the field being whittled down to four, the remaining Patriots, 49ers, Falcons and Ravens are still alive due to their trench dominance.
Playoff Hog Report: Will Patriots Again Trash Texans in Trenches?
In a rematch of a highly disappointing game, the Texans are peaking at the right time. And will Falcons firepower overcome Sehawks brute strength?

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