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Sports fan since birth. Sports writer since 2011. Thrilled to be covering NFL gambling for CHFF. Work has also appeared at Covers. Love the Packers and making bets. One of those love affairs turns out well, and the other doesn't. You can figure out which is which. I'm also Canadian, which I hope you don't hold against me.

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Prop-A-Palooza II: Hundreds More Super Bowl XLVIII Prop Bets
If the first set of props didn't get your appetite for Super Bowl betting up, then take a look through the second page of bets to make Sunday super.
Prop-A-Palooza! 400 Seahawks-Broncos Super Bowl Prop Bets Right Here
When defensive tackle Refrigerator Perry scored a touchdown in Super Bowl XX, it excited fans and made the prop bet a huge part of the big game. Sean O'Neill dishes up every single Seahawks-Broncos prop: a dizzying list of several hundred ways to make money on Sunday.
Inside Vegas: The Story Behind Volatile Seahawks-Broncos Point Spread
Sharps pounced on Denver immediately after the AFC/NFC title games, creating a huge swing in the Super Bowl point spread. Sean O'Neill takes us inside the decisions that moved the line, looks at the history of prop bets and talks to Mirage bookmaker Jeff Stoneback, a huge Seahawks fan, about his Sunday plans.
Memory Pain: 10 Worst Bets Of the 2013 NFL Gambling Season
Time to go down memory lane to 10 moments when you tore up your tickets in anger, and hopefully learn some lessons that won't hurt you next year. These were 10 bets that looked like easy winners but blew up in your face.
Inside Vegas: Title Games A Mega Day for Sportsbooks
The Wise Guys saved themselves in the divisional round when the Patriots wiped out the Colts and the sharps, reports Inside Vegas columnist Sean O'Neill. The bookmakers say that title game Sunday is second only to the Super Bowl itself for moving money through Vegas.

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