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Scott specializes in researching and creating football data for the public that they cannot find anywhere else. He has worked on such projects for since 2007, including starting QB records, coaching histories, and the first ever standardization of fourth quarter comebacks and game-winning drives for NFL quarterbacks. Scott likes to break down football myths and the conventional wisdom that fuels them. "Perception vs. reality" is a common theme in his writing. Scott values efficiency, and is an advocate for advancing the use of drive statistics in football analysis. After all, the number of drives you get in a game and where you start on the field for them is always different week to week.

Latest Articles

NFL Quarterbacks: Air Yards vs. Yards After Catch (1992-2012)
What percentage of a QB's yards are gained after the catch? Who has the most? The least? Scott Kacsmar breaks down 21 years of data in a super study of air yards and YAC.
Clutch Colts, Falcons, Cowboys Unlikely To Recapture Magic In 2013
The Colts, Falcons and Cowboys loaded up on clutch wins in 2012, but as Captain Comeback Scott Kacsmar has found, this usually means regression and bad fortune the following year. Just ask the 2012 Giants.
NFL Myth-busting: Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys Are America’s Chokers
Roger Staubach was Captain Comeback. Tony Romo is Captain Choke of America's Chokers. Or is he? Scott Kacsmar's final myth-buster exposes the NFL's real chokers.
NFL Myth-busting: Peyton Manning’s Tired, Old Arm Shriveled Up In January
Peyton Manning's tired, old arm couldn't get the job done in January when the Broncos lost the coldest playoff game in team history. Or at least that's the story. Scott Kacsmar tackles the topic in his third of four off-season myths.
NFL Myth-busting: Elite Running Backs Battle Eight-in-the-Box Defenses
Adrian Peterson faced eight in the box no more than 30% of the time in 2012. So why do we always hear about these poor running backs facing loaded boxes? Scott Kacsmar's latest myth-buster sheds some light.

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