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I love the game of football and the National Football League in general, and have been lucky enough to turn a hobby into a career. Currently writing for Cold Hard Football Facts, Bleacher Report and more and have a great time on Twitter (@BaxFootball Guru) paring down meaningful numbers into 140 characters...

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Matter Of Facts: Super Bowl XLVIII - No Offense Meant
Entering 2013, seven teams in NFL history had scored 540 or more points in a season. In Super Bowl XLVIII, the Broncos hope to avoid their fates.
Matter of Facts: Super Bowl Frivolity
Weather or not you're getting ready for Super Bowl XLVIII, the only element that's important when it comes to the Seahawks and Broncos is surprise.
Super or Else: Championship Statistical Onslaught
Four teams with a combined 50-14 record are vying for two tickets to paradise. It's age before age in the AFC and youth will be served in the NFC.
Divisional Round Statistical Onslaught: Why and Why Not
Eight teams remain with the chance to win Super Bowl XLVIII. That includes the Panthers, Seahawks and Chargers, all looking for their first NFL title.
Rating the Field: 2013 Wild Card Playoffs
It's playoff time and we'll do our best to give you the lowdown on the 12 teams who can still take the Lombardi Trophy home and put it on the mantle. Pro Football Guru Russell Baxter breaks it down.

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