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Dolphins Demoralize Jet 19-17: Five Things We Learned
Cold Hard Football Facts Marine Biologist Philip Bijeau disects the Dolphins final tilt of the season against the Jets, coldly and efficiently (the way our mama taught us). Read up, or like the jets, you'll be grounded.
Jets At Dolphins: Week 17 Preview
The Jets head south to face the Dolphins in a week 17 clash that will herald the end of Jason Taylors storied career. CHFF Dolphins beat writer Philip Bijeau hits you with so many facts you'll have to ice your nether-regions to reduce the swelling.
Dolphins Lose to Patriots 27-24: Five Things We Learned
The Dolphins visited Foxboro Saturday afternoon and put a 17-0 first half scare into the AFC East Champs. Then the Patriots showed up in the second half and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Dolphins beat man Philip Bijeau teaches you 5 things about it.
Dolphins, Bush Looking To Whack Patriots: Game Preview
Dolphins at Patriots December 24, 2011
Dolphins Report: Snow small feat in Buffalo
Game Recap: Dolphins at Bills

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