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Lover of pigskin, which includes but isn't limited to NFL, college football, bacon, ham, pork butts, Nerf Turbo Footballs, the Madden Cruiser, sausage (patties, not links) and pork chops.

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Super Bowl XLVIII Postcards
Why read words when you can look at them instead?
Super Bowl XLVIII: Seattle Dominates Denver 43-8
Seattle got off to a fast start thanks to their smothering defense and high nerves of the Denver Broncos. It propelled them to an overwhelming 35-point victory at Met Life Stadium.
Old Warhorse Quarterbacks At The Super Bowl
Peyton Manning enters Super Bowl XLVIII at the twilight age (in NFL terms) of 37. He is one of eight quarterbacks in Super Bowl history tos start beyond the age of 35. A look at how the old warhorse quarterbacks have fared in America's Greatest Game.
20 Questions We Want Asked At Super Bowl 48 Media Day
The questions you likely won't hear but should.

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