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Lover of pigskin, which includes but isn't limited to NFL, college football, bacon, ham, pork butts, Nerf Turbo Footballs, the Madden Cruiser, sausage (patties, not links) and pork chops.

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Recap Of Roger Goodell Press Conference
It takes four months to form a committee.
Buffalo Bills No. 1 In Our Quality Stats Power Rankings
Through the small prism of two weeks of football, the Buffalo Bills rank No. 1 in our Quality Stats Power Rankings. Surprise, Surprise.
CBS Flags Rihanna For Language; Benches Her
CBS acts swiftly and demotes Rihanna following her Twitter tirade about the network's decision to bench her in Week 1.
Adrian Peterson Put On Exempt List
The Minnesota Vikings have reversed their stance and put Peterson on the exempt list until all legal proceedings are resolved.
Philadelphia-Indianapolis Proves To Be Game Of Firsts
For the first time in his career, Andrew Luck has lost two games in a row. Philadelphia also made an historic first.

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