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I'm a freelance writer who is a big avid sports fan. Football is at the top of my list. I like to watch NFL football and college football. I have been doing frequent writing for three years and would love to enhance my career by contributing to football nation.

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What's All The Hubbub About Sherman's Rant?
He made the Super Bowl clinching play, but Richard Sherman got more attention for his rant at Michael Crabtree. But why?
Which Wild Card Winner Will Go On To Be Super Bowl Champs?
The last three Super Bowl winners won in the Wild Card playoff rounds. Will we see any of the four Wild Card winners hoist the Super Bowl trophy?
Peyton Manning Great Despite One Super Bowl Ring
Even though there's more scrutiny over players in the NFL who win no more than one ring, Peyton Manning is still one of the all time greats.
Does the RGIII Benching Make Good Sense?
Mike Shanahan is on the hot seat, so why is Robert Griffin III shut down for the rest of the season?
The Dallas Cowboys: America's Damaged Goods Team
They are better than the Giants and the Redskins in the NFC East but after losing to the Bears, the Cowboys are far from a contending team.

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