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Born in Kansas, raised in Florida, and a current New England resident with stops in California & North Carolina in between. I was raised in a football family, with vivid memories of watching Super Bowl XX at age 5 and a "Rainman-like" memory of every one since. My father was always a coach, his father taught me how to watch and love the game, and my other grandfather taught me how to pick the winners. I also played contact football for 10 seasons, including Pop Warner, High School, & the Marine Corps. Five of those teams won conference championships or better, and only once did I experience a losing season; playing games at every position except for O-Line & Defensive Tackle. My lack of size and talent coupled with one too many earhole hits led me to a six year tour in the Marine Corps instead of post-scholastic football glory. These days I eat more pigskin than I play (slow-smoked, K.C. style, please), but am a fervent follower of the game who has never been bashful about giving my opinion. I'll be covering the Denver Broncos & the AFC West for Cold Hard Football Facts & Football Nation.

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