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Super Bowl XLIX Favorites: NFC Likely To Be Super Again In 2014
It's early, but the NFC looks poised to produce the Super Bowl favorite once again next season — and it's possible it could be a prohibitive favorite.
Super Bowl Bets: Five Tips For Handicapping Super Bowl XLVIII
When it comes to handicapping Super Bowl XLVIII, it's best to start by asking yourself these five simple questions, says CHFF Insider oddsmaking analyst Mike Wilkening.
The Super Bowl XLVIII Handicapping Kickoff Show
CHFF oddsmaking analyst Mike Wilkening warms up for the Super Bowl with a game-by-game review of the gambling seasons and results for the NFC champ Seattle Seahawks and AFC champ Denver Broncos.
Brady vs. Manning: By The (Oddsmaking) Numbers
Handicappers who have consistently backed Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have done well for themselves, and the numbers prove it. But how do these two legends stack up head to head when it comes to making fans money?
Upset Alert: Underdogs Star in Divisional Round
Jimmy Graham and the New Orleans Saints are among three big road dogs this weekend. The good news for them is that divisional-round underdogs have thrived in recent seasons. Look no further than the last three Super Bowl champions, writes Mike Wilkening.

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