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Notre Dame Football: Week 4 Preview- Syracuse
The off week has ended and Notre Dame returns with a nice matchup versus Syracuse. Suspensions are still in play, but most important of all is the off week allowed for some healing of injured players.
Notre Dame Football: Bye Week 3 Game Review
After starting the season 3-0, the Fighting Irish get a much needed rest.
Purdue vs. No. 11 Notre Dame: 5 Things to Know
Ugly. Plain and simple if your a Notre Dame fan. Overlooking to Syracuse? To much energy expended against Michigan? The 3 plus touchdown favorite played anything but 2-0 inspired by a big win football.
Houston Texans: The 5 Greatest Players of All Time
For the Houston Texan's, there is a small window of time to find 5 greats, especially during several losing seasons.
Notre Dame Football: Week 3 'Shamrock Series' - Purdue Preview
After the resounding thud of the Wolverine beat down, the Irish head into their annual showcase game that includes tweeked uniforms, an off-sight major venue and a team they should beat- this year being Purdue.

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