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Notre Dame at Navy Midshipmen: 5 Things to Know
The first of 5 remaining games in 2014 for Notre Dame starts with Navy. With the Seminole loss in the rear view mirror, the Irish look to regain their form on a path headed for a possible season ending playoff spot.
Irish Insights: Recruiting, Game Day And More
A new weekly series about the happenings of Notre Dame Football, from recruiting to this weeks game and more.
Notre Dame Football: Navy Midshipmen Primer
Time to move on with the season for the Fighting Irish. After a tough loss over a late penalty flag that many deem as a talking point for the playoffs, the Irish fell to the Seminoles and now must finish out their season undefeated(5-0) to advance their chances.
Las Vegas Odds Gone Wrong On Notre Dame's Season
It's very difficult to project the college football world, but equally to place a number on each game or even who will win. For the Irish, their season was to be at best, a 4 loss season, and they were to play the underdog role in several games. All that has drastically changed.
Notre Dame Football: Irish Fall, But Remain In The Hunt
A late touchdown reversed by a holding call upended the Irish path to an undefeated season. But in defeat, Notre Dame remains in contention for a final-four spot and may have enhanced their ranking with their performance.

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