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Las Vegas Odds Gone Wrong On Notre Dame's Season
It's very difficult to project the college football world, but equally to place a number on each game or even who will win. For the Irish, their season was to be at best, a 4 loss season, and they were to play the underdog role in several games. All that has drastically changed.
Notre Dame Football: Irish Fall, But Remain In The Hunt
A late touchdown reversed by a holding call upended the Irish path to an undefeated season. But in defeat, Notre Dame remains in contention for a final-four spot and may have enhanced their ranking with their performance.
Notre Dame Football: 5 Players Done For 2014
The saga of the "Frozen 5" has finally come to end as far as the 2014 season is concerned. 2 of the players suspended have likely played their last down at Notre Dame. 2 will return in 2015. 1 remains with some options. But for the program, it's business as usual for this weekend.
Notre Dame-Florida State: The Game Of The Century
2 of college football's elite programs square off Saturday night as the overall #1 Seminoles take on the top ranked Irish in Tallahassee.
North Carolina at Notre Dame: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Consensus heading into this game was Notre Dame would get caught looking ahead to Florida State. And many saw the heavily favored Irish establishing some sort of a running game. The Tar Heels established themselves early and turned a routine game for a favorite and top ranked team into anything but.

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