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I am a 20 year-old Junior in the Carroll School of Management at Boston College. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland. I run the sports blog "PreGame Jitters", found at I edit and publish articles for Football Nation in addition to contributing some original articles

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CHFF TV Week 16: Cream Rising To The Top
The Week 16 edition of CHFF TV tackles the NFL like Richard Dent taking down Tony Eason in Super Bowl XX, with more stats and facts than a Cal Tech math class.
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This week on our bandwagon jump, we tell you why we're all aboard the worst pass-defense in the league.
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Kerry Byrne and Gary Tanguay examine Baltimore's great defense this season, but explain why this team might not have post-season success.
CHFF TV Week 16: Dolphins-Patriots
Kerry Byrne and Gary Tanguay break down this weekend's matchup in New England. Can Miami upset the top-seeded Patriots.

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