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As a married law student and the impending father of twin girls, Mark isn’t afraid of much in this world. As proof of this, he was once tasked with deep-frying a flock of turkeys while studying for exams. Both tasks were accomplished spectacularly. As dietician for Cold Hard Football Facts, Mark understands the importance of getting your weekly dose of fat, grease, sugar and salt. He plans on helping you all accomplish this goal each week in new, innovative and tasty ways.

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Tailgate Treats: Soufflé Pancake
Take a break the weekend before the Super Bowl with this twist on a breakfast classic.
Tailgate Treats-a-palooza
Two games left with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line! Four cities, two recipes that combine them all: Crab Chowder and Sourdough Apple Bread Pudding!
Tailgate Treats: The Cheesy Mac N’ Rib sandwich
Pulled pork, mac n cheese, all grilled together. It really doesn't get any better. Mark Cotton ... um.... pulls it all together in his weekly food installment.
Tailgate Treats: The Muffaletta Sandwich
Not a classic but a legend, this sandwich is further proof that New Orleans is the best place to eat in the country. It's so good, we'd even eat it if it was healthy ... but fortunately, it's not.
Kick off the New Year with a hot pot of hoppin' John
Rough year with your fantasy league? Our recipe for hoppin' John will ensure that your picks for this year will come through, as well as anything else you might need help with.

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