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Luis was a Hall of Fame running back for the Cleveland Browns after breaking every football and lacrosse record at Syracuse University. He is widely considered the greatest running back of all time ... No, wait, that was Jim Brown. Our bad. In real life, Luis is a geeky schlep who analyzes and writes about NFL statistics to work his way through his first midlife crisis. A pharmaceutical consultant by day, Luis is a regular contributor to Cold, Hard Football Facts and to the New York Times Fifth Down Blog. It should be noted that Luis mentions his affiliation with the Times every chance he gets – vainly trying to impress those around him. It should also be noted that Luis rarely if ever mentions Cold, Hard Football Facts in public, also in a vain effort to impress those around him. Luis lives in Dunstable, Mass. with his wife, Kate, two kids, two dogs and a bad-ass rabbit named Mr. Noodles. He loves his family, but also considers them to be an anchor weighing him down and preventing him from achieving any of his real goals. Luis has a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from Providence College and an MBA with a concentration is Statistics from UMass. Luis is a Gemini

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