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The Future Of College Sports Part III: A Nobel Experiment
A Nobel Prize-winning economics experiment proves that Johnny Football and other athletes could succeed in QuantCoach's New World Order for the NCAA, an order that would produce a financial windfall for athletes and for their universities.
The Future of College Sports Part II: A Commodity Market For Athletes
The QuantCoach draws up a play: He explains how a futures exchange would transform college sports by returning market leverage to athletes, and provide a financial boon to these players and to their universities.
The Future of College Sports: Johnny Football Gets Played
QuantCoach and gaming law attorney Kevin Braig explains how leverage makes Johnny Football weak in the autograph trading market and uses the scandal to outline the transformation of the college sports business model.
Decision 2012: Author Glennon Says Vote Brady For G-O-A-T!
While the U.S. chooses a president, author Sean Glennon writes that he knows who should fill the Prolate Spheroid Office as the greatest QB of all-time. Quant Coach Kevin Braig reviews Glennon's case for Brady as the G-O-A-T.
Is A Super Sports-Betting Upset Brewing?
As the parties prepare for oral argument in NCAA v. Christie, lawyer Theodore Olson is looking a lot like Bill Belichick in Super Bowl XXXVI.

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