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Kerry J. Byrne is the founder, publisher and Potentate of Pigskin at

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Darrelle Revis And The New England Patriots' Super Bowl Dreams
Two things and two things only have stood between the Patriots and a Super Bowl championship over the past decade: a shutdown corner and a game-changing pass rusher. Now they hope for a trip to Phoenix in 2015 by way of Revis Island.
Band of Brothers 10 Best Scenes from World War II TV Classic
Former U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Bill Guarnere, a hero of the 101st Airborne immortalized in "Band of Brothers," died on March 8. Here's a Cold, Hard Football Facts tribute, with a look back at a CHFF classic that originally ran in 2009.
Real and Spectacular: Uncle CHFF Wins BIG Again in 2013
Seattle's dominant Super Bowl victory proved a perfect ending the 2013 season for the Mighty CHFF that once again validated our analysis, methodology and Quality Stats. We produced a spectacular late-season slate of money-making picks for CHFF Insiders across four different portfolios.
Parade of Stats: 2013 Seattle Seahawks Dominant (And Predictable) Champs
Before the Super Bowl champion Seahawks paraded through the streets of Seattle, they paraded through the NFL stat sheet as the most statistically predestined champion we've seen in nearly 20 years.
Oh, The Statistical Humanity! Denver Broncos Aerial Machine Goes Down in Flames
The Denver Broncos and their sexy, record-setting offense were humiliated 43-8 in Super Bowl XLVIII, joining a long, long list of great offenses that came up small when the moment got big. Peyton Manning, meanwhile, has now led the two worst postseason offensive implosions of the past 50 years.

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