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I am the executive director of the Professional Football Researchers Association (PFRA), a non-profit educational organization dedicated to pro football history. I have written two books and numerous articles for various publications. I am also the editor of "The Coffin Corner," the official magazine of the PFRA. I have been writing and researching pro football history for over 20 years.

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2012 Rusher Rating: Adrian Peterson No. 1; Patriots Dominate Team Rankings
Pro Football Researchers Association executive director Ken Crippen looks back at the 2012 regular season Rusher Rating numbers: Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster and Alfred Morris topped the individual list; the New England Patriots dominated the team rankings.
Top 'Super Seniors' for the Pro Football HOF
PFRA executive director Ken Crippen discusses four 'super senior' candidates for the Hall of Fame. His list includes former Eagles star Al Wistert, who led the team to its greatest successes, and Duke Slater, the pioneering 'Jackie Robinson of football.'
A Memorial Day tribute to NFL's fallen heroes
Cardinals safety Pat Tillman was the most recent of 25 NFL players, coaches and executives who gave their lives in wars overseas; 22 were killed in World War II alone. Ken Crippen pays tribute to these men as we enter Memorial Day weekend.
Rusher Rating: Super Bowl Edition
Professional Football Researchers Association’s executive director Ken Crippen delves into the Rusher Rating numbers for the Super Bowl. He also discusses Total Team Rating numbers for the big game.
Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2012
Professional Football Researchers Association executive director Ken Crippen discusses the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2012.

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