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Justin Henry has been a freelance writer since 2009, covering the NFL and professional wrestling for CamelClutchBlog.com, Fighting Spirit Magazine, Scout.com, and elsewhere. Justin lives in Millville, NJ

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Super Bowl XLVIII Snapshots: Seattle Seahawks
The NFL's best defense brings the 'Boom' to North Jersey. Justin Henry looks at the team from head to toe in preparation for Sunday.
Super Bowl XLVIII Snapshots: The Denver Broncos
Peyton Manning and company are a slim favorite to win this year's championship. Justin Henry examines all facets of the Mile High contender.
25 NFL Stars Compared to Wrestling Icons
Richard Sherman's vociferous trash-talking of Michael Crabtree felt like an old wrestling promo. What other NFL stars resemble squared circle greats?
49ers Stumble, Fall Short of Successful NFC Title Defense
It was a game of controversy and heartbreak, but the 49ers won't be going to the Super Bowl this year, falling just short in Seattle.
Beastquake Tremors Shake 49ers, Send Seattle to Super Bowl
Victory for the Seattle Seahawks is a sweet taste indeed, holding off their rival 49ers in front of their 12th Man. Next stop: Metlife, vs. Denver.

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