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I am a proud lifelong resident of Cleveland and the most optimistic fan of the Cleveland Browns that you will ever meet. I live with a beautiful football widow who fully supports my love of Cleveland sports and sports journalism and a dog named Butters who has learned not to take it personally when I yell at the television on Sunday afternoons. I'm an avid fantasy football player as well. In 2005, I joined my first league so I'd have something to talk about with my coworkers...and several years later, I'm still going strong. You can find me on Twitter at @ClevelandJoe! I also blog about non-football topics at

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CHFF Icy Issue: C.J. Spiller Should Remain The Bills' Starter
Cutting ties with veterans is never easy. However, C.J. Spiller's performance in 2012 shows that the Bills must keep him as the starting running back.
Brandon Weeden Should Not Start For The Browns
By starting Brandon Weeden far before he is ready, the Cleveland Browns muddled their ability to determine if Weeden is a franchise quarterback.
Arizona Cardinals: Kevin Kolb Should Start Over John Skelton
This week's Icy Issue shows that Ken Whisenhunt is stuck in 2011. He ignored Kevin Kolb's preseason performance and handed the job to John Skelton.
Tossing the Division: Cleveland Browns Win AFC North If...
Nobody except for a few incredibly optimistic fans expects the Browns to win the AFC North this season. Is it impossible, though? Not at all.
2012 Cleveland Browns: Best and Worst Case Scenario
With a few lucky bounces, the Browns could exceed expectations. However, struggles by the offense could lead the team to its worst record in history.

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