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Hi ! My name is James FitzGerald and I am 37 years of age. I have always wanted to write sports articles and stories since middle school. I carried a sports page in my back pack all the time, preferably USA Today's page. Hopefully my pen is blessed enough to write stories that intrigue you, and that will leave you thinking about football occurrences from a different angle than the norm. This is my dream, to write and to entertain people through my writing. I hope you learn from me and likewise, I hope to learn from you through your feedback.. That way we can all leave our journalistic experience enlightened.

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Atlanta Falcons Preseason Preview: With A Vegas Twist
A preseason look at the Atlanta Falcons through the eyes of Vegas. What are the oddsmakers thinking when it comes to this rising team?
March Madness: NCAA Tournament Performances Of Four NFL Stars
Before they wreaked havoc on the gridiron, these four NFL stars performed on the hardwood of the big stage in college basketball. March Madness!
Vince Young: 5 NFL Teams I Would Call If I Was His Agent
Vince Young is hell bent on getting back into the NFL. If I was Vince Young's agent these are the five teams I would get in contact with.
New York Jets Looking At Garrard And Quinn Speaks To Bigger Issue
With The Jets looking at acquiring the services of David Garrard and/or Brady Quinn it shows the signs of a bigger organizational issue.
Alex Smith Traded: Taking San Francisco's QBs Is A KC Tradition
Kansas City just loves taking the 49ers' leftover quarterbacks and using them as retreads. Its a KC tradition like BBQ ribs.

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