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I graduated from the University of Southern Maine in 2008 with a Bachelors degree in English. Since then, I have begun making my own way in sports writing. I've been a Featured Columnist for the NFL and the New England Patriots on Bleacher Report for almost two years.

I have had my work published or linked on many other sites, including National Football Post,,, and more. I have appeared on several radio shows in different areas of the country, and I currently host a podcast with good friend and talented blogger Mike Dussault of

Latest Articles

Patriots suffer big-game offensive meltdown (again)
Many said it was statistically impossible for the Patriots to even reach the Super Bowl, let alone win it, and although New England fell short of their ultimate goal, it wasn't for the reasons that might have been put forth. Quite simply, it was the offense that let them down in the big moment.
Super Bowl XLVI report: Showdown eerily similar
The Hog Indexes took a hit in the Conference Championships, but they have one last chance to prove themselves. Funny thing is, this is a stage that the Hog Index has performed on before, and has done well under the bright lights. Erik Frenz investigates.
New York Giants must ride statistical one-two punch to Super Bowl XLVI victory
The Patriots are statistically superior, but, just like in 2007, the Giants once again have more than a fighting chance due to success in a few of our indicators. Erik Frenz explores.
Patriots team report: Doing enough (barely)
The Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots made more mistakes in 60 minutes of football than Kim Kardashian has made in three years in the public eye, but the Patriots did enough to earn the win.
New England Patriots: 3 things we (might) learn in AFC Championship Game
Whether the Patriots are able to make a Super Bowl push will come down to answering a lot of questions on defense, but they must pass a big test from the Ravens D along the way. Here are just a few things we could learn about the Patriots on Sunday.

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