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I grew up in the Boston area and have been a proud fan ever since. I now live in the Arizona desert with my wife and seven children. I have always loved sports and root for the Patriots, Celtics, Bruins, Red Sox, and Revolution to this day. I even remember the days of the Tea Men and the Breakers. It is my goal to offer current and relevant stories for all fans, especially my beloved Patriots. And of course I promise to be completely unbiased, cross my heart, hope to die.

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NFL 2014: Where Is The 'Gronk Effect' For The Patriots?
It is no secret that having Gronkowski on the field has been the key to the Patriots' attack; is that weapon out of the picture?
New England Patriot's Keys To Improving In Week 3 And Beyond
The Patriots took a week one loss and turned it into a week two win; now they have to find ways to turn in even better performances.
How The Colts Couldn't Ground The Eagles In Indianapolis
The Eagles found their wings in the second half last week, and overcame an early deficit to fly by the Colts at Lucas Stadium.
New England Patriots Turn Their Game Around For Week 2 Win
If week one was a fiasco for the Patriots, week two was the kind of game New England fans have come to expect from Belichick and company.
NFL 2014: Five Teams That Could Use A Mulligan
Week one had it's ups and downs, but these five teams played like they thought it was still preseason.

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