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I grew up in the Boston area and have been a proud fan ever since. I now live in the Arizona desert with my wife and seven children. I have always loved sports and root for the Patriots, Celtics, Bruins, Red Sox, and Revolution to this day. I even remember the days of the Tea Men and the Breakers. It is my goal to offer current and relevant stories for all fans, especially my beloved Patriots. And of course I promise to be completely unbiased, cross my heart, hope to die.

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Patriot Priorities For 2015: Defensive Backs
While many are giving their opinions for what the Patriots need to do to make another title run, this author goes against the flow.
NFL Draft: Top 10 Sixth Round PIcks In History
Expectations are far lower after the middle rounds of the draft, but gems have been found even as late as the sixth round of the NFL draft.
NFL Draft: Top 10 Second Round PIcks In History
The stars of tomorrow can be found in every round, and any given pick can be a boom or a bust. The second round brought many Pro-Bowlers to the NFL.
NFL Draft 2015: Three Teams Most Likely To Trade Down
Picks 1-32 may mean very little when those picks start flying. Will teams keep their picks, trade up, trade down? Who will be most creative?
New England Patriots: Biggest Draft Day Regret In History
If ever a team needed a change of fortunes early in it's history, it was the New England Patriots. This draft pick could have been it.

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