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A professional writer - Senior editor at Fat Beard Sports and a contributor at, you can also follow me for live football and sports updates on twitter by following @Fatbeardg also anyone interested for more writing exposure can exercise their fingers over at by copy and pasting this link

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This will list areas of which the Tennessee Titans need improvement and what targets they should aim for in free agency and the draft.
Substance Abuse: Why Risk Your Dream For Minimum Edge?
I am going to debate the different approaches of the NFL substance abuse policy to the punishment handed out in the NRL for the same thing.
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In the NFL there are teams who trade, and those who don't. In this article you are going to find out 5 trades that could change the NFL's landscape.
Tennessee Titans Preseason Recap: 5 Pleasant Surprises
This preseason, the Tennessee Titans have shown that they have several surprise players who can help them make a push for the playoffs.

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