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Aaron Oberlin reads, writes and watches sports. He often eats during all three. Sometimes, when he's feeling up to it, he'll even play sports. But not often, because he can't eat while doing it. Aaron also writes book reviews for the Sunday edition of The Tampa Tribune.

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Read 'Em And Weep: 10 NFL Facts Fans Don't Want to Hear
If you're a fervent fan, and your team lost this week, this might be too much to bear. But we don't care. The truth hurts. Here are 10 painful Cold, Hard Football Facts about the losers of Week 4 and here in 2013: including Matt Ryan and the NOT-Lanta Falcons.
Week 3 NFL Winners Club: Top 10 Things That Demand Attention
Peyton Manning's complete lack of respect for opponents and the history books caps our list of 10 facts about winning.
NFL Week 2 Losers: 10 Sad But True Facts About Sucking
If you're going to do something, then do it well. Aaron Oberlin looks at the teams and trends that suck harder than a Hoover Steam Vac.
NFL Week 1 Winners Club: 10 Statistical Rock Stars
Our weekly list of statistical rock stars has only one rule of membership: you had to win the game. Losers and fantasy studs need not apply. Peyton Manning and the Broncos naturally earn marquee billing.
Week 6 preview: Eagles at Redskins
The Redskins look to make a statement when the Eagles bring their high-flying offense to the nation's capital. This one will be close.

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